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How to get Pregnant with Low Sperm Motility

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Low sperm motility definitely does not help you in the quest to get pregnant fast. If you are one of those women who are troubled with the fact that their partners have low sperm motility, then this article is for you.

Low sperm motility can be due to some factors such as hormonal deficiency. If low sperm motility is caused by a deficiency in a hormone, then restoration of those hormones can be a solution.

So how can you go about getting pregnant with low sperm motility? Here are some suggestions.

Take supplementation

It is proven by some studies that low sperm motility can be caused by a lack of having the two proteins L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine. These two proteins act as a catalyst by which the sperm can utilize the natural sugars surrounding it in the semen, and use that energy to move forward. Supplementing these carnitine proteins may be, for some men, an effective treatment for low sperm motility.

Avoid the heat

You should teach your man not to wear tight fitting underwear and clothes. This not only lowers his sperm count but also his sperm motility. You should encourage him to wear boxer shorts often. You should advice him to avoid situations which build up heat in his scrotal area, such as cycling for long periods of time, and getting near machinery that makes heat build up around him.

Healthy living

In addition to the things mentioned above your partner must also avoid smoking. Smoking has been found out to lead to lower sperm motility. It has also been found to be bad not only for your man's reproductive health but also on your health as a woman. Smoking has been shown to reduce blood flow to the uterus and the reproductive organs. If blood flow is reduced to that area, the function of the cells in that area is also compromised. Your ovaries secrete estrogen and if the cells are not functioning well, this may lead to a hormonal imbalance. You will not ovulate regularly as a result and will experience irregularity of menstruation.

Caffeine is also bad for your reproductive health. It has been shown that it makes the body get rid of hormones and other nutrients that it needs for good reproductive function. This holds true not only to you but to your man. It also leads to vasoconstriction and has some unhealthy effects.

You and your man also need to avoid alcohol because, like coffee, it permits the loss of nutrients essential for reproductive function.

You and your man should maintain weight at a healthy level and avoid stress in your life so that you can function effectively in your goal towards successful pregnancy and parenting.