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How to get Pregnant without IVF

How to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant with IVF is expensive. If we can find ways on how to get away with it then why not try it?

Getting pregnant without IVF is synonymous with getting pregnant naturally. If you want to totally avoid getting an IVF, here is what you need to do:

Eat healthy

You should start taking vitamins and eating healthy. Start eating fruits and vegetables. These types of foods are rich in antioxidants which rid the body of toxins and free radicals. You should also maintain your ideal weight. You should avoid being too overweight and too underweight because it makes you have hormonal imbalance, leading you to irregular menstrual cycles and lead to infertility because you are not regularly ovulating.

Exercise adequately

Outdoor exercise, in the form of brisk walking, jogging and sports is healthy for you. Yet you should not also engage in heavy exercise since this will cause hormonal imbalances and will cause anovulation or failure to ovulate.

Get supplementation

You need to have proper vitamin and mineral supplementation so that you can prepare your body for pregnancy. Important supplements are vitamins C, E and vitamin B complex. Folic acid is also essential because it lessens the risks for congenital defects, miscarriages and stillbirths.


You and your partner should have intercourse during your ovulation period. You can find this out by several ways, the first of which is the calendar method. Count the first day of your menstrual period as Day 1 and continue counting until day 14. Day 14 is your ovulation day.

Another method is through the use of basal body temperature monitoring which makes use of a basal thermometer to measure the heat I your body. It is said that your temperature rises during ovulation.

The next method is through the use of cervical mucus examination. If your cervical mucus appears thin and stringy then you are in your ovulation period.

The last method is through the use of ovulation kits which are brought at a local drugstore to take note of your luteinizing hormone in your urine.