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How to get Pregnant after Childbirth

How to Get Pregnant

There are some couples who enjoy having a baby again after a recent childbirth. But is this possible? If you are one of those who are entertaining this thought, these are some points to ponder on your goal.

Do not expect to get pregnant if you are breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has been used by many women as a form of contraception. Breastfeeding gives rise to the release of some hormones such as oxytocin which reduces fertility by a form of negative feedback inhibition. You should not expect to be pregnant while you are breastfeeding everyday, unless you are alternating bottled milk feeding and breastfeeding.

Allow yourself to heal

Obstetricians recommend that you should allow your body to heal first within the first two years after giving birth. This is because in pregnancy, your body is undergoing a major change. This major change uses up a lot of energy in the form of stored proteins and fats. Proteins are important for the growth and development of your body. Pregnancy also predisposes the mother to have anemia or low hemoglobin levels, so the bone marrow needs time to regenerate and replenish its supply of healthy red cells for your next baby to be healthy. Do not rush things. To rush things would only bring inadequate nutrition to your baby. Plus, your body might experience a negative protein balance and you will have a weaker immune system to fight off diseases. Allow yourself to heal first before embarking again on your next pregnancy.

Eat right

Proper nutrition is essential to regain the lost proteins and nutrients during childbirth. Eat healthy food and take daily vitamin and mineral supplementation. During this moment you should have a good appetite to make up for the nutrients, energy and proteins you lost when you were pregnant.

Get adequate rest

Pregnancy is by itself a stressful event for your body. You need adequate rest to recharge and regain your strength and to replenish your body's supply of nutrients for your next baby. Your body also has to adapt with the changes in your hormones. Do not work too hard, be relaxed, and avoid stress. Stress has a negative effect on fertility because it interferes with our reproductive hormones.

Do not try any forms of contraception!

Of course you want to have a baby. You should stop taking your pills and using condoms. You should not try using these again if you want to conceive!

Rekindle the romance in your relationship

This is a new phase in your relationship as a couple. You have just given birth and you are now a new parent. Now, you want your baby to have a little sibling. Allow ample time for you and your husband to rediscover and re-explore yourselves again, Go on a romantic date like new lovers. Regain that intimacy. Spice up your sex life and experiment on your sexual fantasies.


As a woman, healing from pregnancy is a painful process. You get a lot of swelling and there is that pain and soreness in your body that lingers after you have given birth. Accept these changes and do not rush too soon. Do not force your body into giving birth again when it is not ready yet. For a husband, this is the time to show your wife that you indeed care for her. Pamper her with tender loving care and soothe her from the pain she is experiencing. Try to understand that at this point your wife is adapting to a new phase in her life and it is not easy. Understanding your role is a key factor in your life as a couple.