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Pregnancy Week 1

How to Get Pregnant

A woman who is expecting her first child may have a lot of questions about her pregnancy and what to expect. Pregnancy is an ever changing phenomenon, and each week there are changes to the mother's body as well as to the growing fetus. Sometimes, depending on the stage of pregnancy, the changes are more obvious, while other times not much seems to be going on. A mother, who is in her very first week of pregnancy, probably has absolutely no clue that a baby is in her near future. Let's take a look at pregnancy week 1.

Changes in the Mother's Body

The first week of pregnancy is a topic of confusion for many people. Most do not realize that pregnancy week 1 technically begins on the first day of a woman's last menstrual period. This is when the mother's body actually begins preparing for the fetus. A woman may feel moody and bloated during the first week, and may even be experiencing uncomfortable cramping, not because she is pregnant, but because she has just started her menstrual period.

Development of the Baby

The body is such a complex and perfect machine, and pregnancy is so full of wonders. It is amazing that the count down actually starts at this point. The miracle of life truly occurs before conception does! During pregnancy week 1, the baby is still residing with daddy in the form of a sperm that will soon be traveling into the uterus, to fertilize the egg, which will become a fetus in the weeks to come.

Diet and Exercise

A healthy diet rich with vitamins, fiber, protein and other essential nutrients should be a part of everyone's daily life, however, for pregnant women it is even more important. If a woman is planning to become pregnant, she should consider starting a healthier lifestyle right away. It is a good idea for an expectant mother to eat foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals that are high in fiber and dairy for calcium. Calcium is very important to the development of healthy bones. Most any form of exercise is fine at this stage.

Tips for Dads

There really isn't much advice that can be given to an expectant father at this point in time, other than to offer mom the same sort of support he would during her menstrual period. If a couple has planned to become pregnant before hand, dad should have already begun eating properly and taking good care of his body. Many dads do not realize that their diet and overall health does in fact have an effect on the fetus.

While it may seem like an eternity, pregnancy really doesn't last all that long. If a person considers all the changes a fetus must undergo to become a baby, it is really amazing that it is all done in 40 weeks. A woman should enjoy every moment of her pregnancy because there truly is no other experience like it.