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Pregnancy Week 28

How to Get Pregnant

Congratulations are in order; Mom has made it to her third and final trimester! It seems like just yesterday she was sitting in the doctor's office, waiting on her first prenatal appointment. Pregnancy week 28 is a good time for everyone to put their hands and feet inside the vehicle, strap on their seat belts and get ready for the ride of their lives! Let's see where Mom and baby are at this week.

Changes in the Mother's Body

The third trimester brings on a lot of fun things, such as heartburn, indigestion, itchy skin, swelling of the limbs, and possibly even varicose veins. As we discussed in the previous weeks, the third trimester is one of the hardest times of pregnancy. Luckily, it will be short lived, as there are only 12 weeks left to go until the baby is born. At pregnancy week 28, the uterus is resting about 3 inches above Mom's belly button and she will have probably gained about 18 to 25 pounds. This may be the week, if it hasn't already been done, the week that the doctor will order the glucose tolerance test to be sure there is no gestational diabetes.

Development of the Baby

The baby is growing at a remarkable rate now. The eyes, eye lashes and eye brows are completely formed. The head has much more hair growing on it and his or her little body is beginning to plump up. The baby at pregnancy week 28 weighs approximately 2 pounds, about 2 or 3% of that being body fat. The tone of the muscles is progressively improving and the lungs are now total capable of breathing oxygen, however, if the baby were to come now, he/she would surely have trouble breathing correctly on her/his own. Now is a great time for Mom to develop a routine of talking to her baby. The baby can hear her voice and this will sooth him/her.

Diet and Exercise

Mom should be careful not to fall into the role of a couch potato at this point, unless her doctor has ordered bed rest. At week 38, Mom should still be able to move around quite a bit and continuing her daily walks will be a wise choice. She may not feel like walking quite as far and may need to take it slow due to the difficulty she may be having with the intake of air. Small, frequent meals will help her avoid becoming overly full, while still providing enough nutrition for her baby. She should probably avoid bulking her stomach full of breads and other filling starches and eat them in moderation, along with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein rich poultry and fish. A little red meat is always a good idea because it is high in iron.

Tips for Dads

The last trimester has finally arrived! This is an excellent reason for celebration. There are only 3 short months to go before baby graces Mom and Dad with his/her presence. A great way to show his appreciation for what Mom is going through is to treat her to a nice massage, using olive, or baby oil. Rubbing her tummy will no doubt provide comfort to her ever growing stomach, as the skin is being stretched to its full capability. Dads can really make a Moms day much easier by just offering the smallest gesture of support. She will be going through a lot over the next couple of months; understanding and compassion are a must!

Now is a great time to start developing a plan of action when labor begins. If Dad works out of town and there is the possibility that he may not be able to get home on time for delivery, an alternate birth coach may be a wise consideration.