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Pregnancy Week 29

How to Get Pregnant

By pregnancy week 29, Mom and Dad have probably already begun to make birth plans. Sometimes writing down the birth plan can help. Expectant parents should consider making a list of options, and perhaps get a suitcase packed and ready to go so that when the big day arrives, no one will be scrambling around like a chicken with its head cut off! Mom and baby are going through some very rapid growth stages. This last trimester will have Mom's abdomen practically doubling in size!

Changes to the Mother's Body

The ailments such as heartburn and indigestion will no doubt still be causing mom discomfort. She may be experiencing quite a bit of trouble holding her urine, as the baby begins to put more and more pressure of her bladder. At some period, her ribs may become achy and it may hurt to lie in certain positions. Sometimes, propping up with pillows will help make Mom feel a little bit more comfortable. The baby is now kicking at her, relentlessly and often, those kicks can even hurt! She must keep in mind that this is a very temporary condition that will bring much joy in the long run.

Development of the Baby

Pregnancy week 29 is very exciting for Baby because, he/she is beginning to become sensitive to light. The eyes are in perfect working order. While it remains a mystery exactly how they know this, experts say that by now a baby can even smell! The baby's head is in perfect proportion to his/her body and fat continues to develop under the soft skin. The baby should be quite active and move at a minimum of 10 times per hour. If Mom begins to worry that her baby is not moving enough, it may be a wise choice to consult with her physician.

Diet and Exercise

A mom who is at pregnancy week 29 of her pregnancy should be eating a minimum of 30 milligrams of iron per day. There are many foods that offer a natural source of iron but if blood work shows there is a lack of iron, her doctor may, if he/she hasn't already, order a supplement. Mom should be eating at least 3800 calories a day, even if they must be scattered over small and less frequent meals. Now is not the time for Mom to be concerned with her weight! She may find it increasingly less comfortable to take long walks or do other exercises and it is important that she not push herself. The kegel exercises should be continued up to the time of birth.

Tips for Dads

Stay involved in all aspects of Moms pregnancy. Reading literature together and going over possible birth plans and strategies is a great way for expectant parents to continue the bond that has been developing between them over the past months. Pregnancy week 29 brings less than 3 months to go until the baby is born. For Dad it may be dragging by just as slowly as it is for Mom. Dads should try and remain sensitive to the ever changing, and increasing needs that Mom will be experiencing.

Pregnancy is remarkable and everyday as expectant parents sit and talk to their unborn babies; they are building a path to a stronger bond than any other, the family bond.