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Pregnancy Week 30

How to Get Pregnant

We have made it through to pregnancy week 30 which means there are only 10 short weeks left to go, or just over two months, however, a person looks at it, it isn't long at all. While it may seem to be going by slowly, in reality it is really just a short period of time. Mom and Dad may not know it yet, but they will need all the time they can get in preparation for this new baby, even then they may not be 100% ready!

Changes in the Mother's Body

This week mom may be experiencing more pronounced discomfort and possibly the inability to sleep. There are pillows on the market that are designed specifically for pregnant women, so Mom may consider trying one. In addition, sleeping on the left side rather than the right side may help ensure that proper blood flow is being delivered to all of her organs and limbs. This is because the aorta and vena cava are located to the right side of her back. Sometimes sleeping upright or in a recliner is the best method for Mom. This is especially true when heartburn is present.

Development of the Baby

At pregnancy week 30 the baby weighs in at a remarkable 3 pounds and will continue to grow more and more as each week passes. We discussed lanugo, the fine hair that covers the baby's entire body, in the previous week. By now that lanugo is beginning to disappear. The eyelids are opening and closing and the baby's toenails are continuing to grow. The baby now has fully functioning bone marrow that is producing all of his/her red blood cells. Because of the increase in body fat, the baby's appearance has become significantly less wrinkly, and he/she will not have as much trouble keeping warm once he/she is born.

Diet and Exercise

Because of the increase in pregnancy hormones that aid in preventing early labor, constipation may be an issue that is causing Mom quite a bit of discomfort. High fiber foods are crucial to help her maintain proper bowel function during pregnancy week 30, and beyond. Even if some of the exercises she has been doing over the past several months are becoming harder for her, it is still a good idea for Mom to find some form of physical activity that she can do. This will also help her with regularity.

Tips for Dads

Even though it will ultimately be Mom's choice on how she decides to feed the baby once he or she is born, Dad does get to have an opinion. Mom and Dad should be talking about the pros and cons of breast feeding. Dad can still participate in feeding baby, even if Mom does decide to breast feed by using the milk she has expressed through a breast pump. Breast feeding is the best possible method of feeding because it offers anti-bodies to help boost the baby's overall immune system, throughout his/her life.

If for some reason breast feeding isn't an option for Mom, as there are many things that can play a role in hindering this natural process, there are some great supplemental baby formulas on the market. Consulting with her doctor will help Mom choose which one is best for her new baby.