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Pregnancy Week 31

How to Get Pregnant

By now Mom and Dad are probably becoming more and more anxious! It's really getting close to delivery, with only 9 weeks to go and counting down! These next few weeks will be crucial in putting the finishing touches on the nursery and completely a solid plan of action for the big day.

Changes in the Mother's Body

Mom's abdomen is more than likely feeling quite a bit achy during pregnancy week 31 as it is stretching more with each passing week. Her uterus is probably just about 4 and a half inches above her belly button now and pushing up against her esophagus. This can contribute to more frequent heart burn and indigestion. Soda crackers are a good natural remedy to these ailments of the digestive system. Due to the baby's increased need for calcium to aid in the hardening of his/her bones, Mom must make absolutely sure that she is consuming enough calcium.

Development of the Baby

At pregnancy week 31 the baby's rapid growth rate begins to slow considerably. The baby's brain is going through a phase of rapid development and the only chief organ that has yet to fully mature are the lungs. The baby is now urinating quite a bit. He/she will urinate about 3 cups a day into the amniotic fluid! The baby is also swallowing the amniotic fluid that is replenished many times throughout the day. Lack of amniotic fluid may suggest that the baby's urinary function isn't working properly, while an excessive amount of amniotic fluid may suggest a problem with swallowing properly. The levels of amniotic fluid will be measured by Moms doctor as part of the routine sonogram.

Diet and Exercise

First and foremost, breathing exercises should be a huge focus for Mom during pregnancy week 31 as breathing will be a major part of the labor process. It is vital that she continue her 3800 calorie a day diet. If Mom is having trouble eating enough food to keep the caloric intake at a sufficient amount for baby, she may consider supplemental milkshakes that offer fiber, protein, iron, and folic acid. She will still want to try and stick to smaller meals to avoid becoming overly full.

Tips for Dads

Mom needs Dad more than he knows right now! The third trimester is a very trying time for her. She may be experiencing a whole new set of discomforts. Dad can help by pampering her and offering her a nice soft shoulder to cry on when she needs it. By helping Mom relax in the evening he is taking on an early role in the well being of his unborn son or daughter. If Mom is highly stressed, it does affect the baby! It may not be as easy as it sounds and Dad may become frustrated at times but it is important to remember what this pregnancy is doing to Mom's body and how it is making her feel.

If Mom has begun leaking a bit of breast milk during pregnancy week 31, this is nothing to be concerned with. It may be uncomfortable for Mom, and she may even be embarrassed. Purchasing some high absorption breast pads to go in Mom's bra can help eliminate embarrassing wet spots.