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Pregnancy Week 32

How to Get Pregnant

If it seems like it's been a two years since the positive pregnancy test, Mom and Dad are feeling exactly what they should be at pregnancy week 32. These next weeks will almost surely seem like an eternity. As we have discussed in previous weeks, the last trimester is by far the longest for expectant parents. There isn't much that can be done to make this aspect of pregnancy any easier to wait through, but trying to focus on the reality of only 8 short weeks to go can help ease the mind quite a bit.

Changes in the Mother's Body

By pregnancy week 32 Mom is almost definitely seeing her doctor once every two weeks. Her uterus is probably measuring right at about 5 inches from the top of her belly button and causing a significant amount of pressure to her organs, resulting in a fair amount of discomfort from constipation, indigestion and heart burn, not to mention lack of breath. At this time her doctor will be monitoring her closely for signs and symptoms of serious conditions such as preeclampsia. This condition will cause a woman to have high blood pressure and a high concentration of protein in her urine. Some of the warning signs for this condition are, sudden weight gain, swelling of hands and feet, headaches, or impaired vision.

Development of the Baby

This week, the finishing touch is being made on the work of art that is continuing to grow in Mom's tummy. All five of the baby senses are completely functional and his/her toenails are totally finished forming. There is a full head of hair, eye lashes, eye brows, little nose and mouth. The lanugo is almost certainly gone by now, except for a small amount that may remain on the baby's shoulders or back. Babies born at this stage of gestation have a very high survival rate but still, let's hope we can make it to full term.

Diet and Exercise

Low sodium is a must! With the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy week 32, it is even more important that a pregnant woman watch her intake of excess salt. Eating fresh foods that do not have added salt is extremely important at this juncture. While the food may not be as tasty, Mom must remember that this is temporary and it won't be much longer before her body is her own again. Mom should be exercising in whatever way she can to keep her body in shape for childbirth, unless her doctor has ordered bed rest.

Tips for Dads

For expectant parents who have chosen to let the gender of their child be a surprise to them, they may be hearing a lot of tails on ways to tell whether their child is a boy or a girl. Some old wives tales suggest that if a dad gains weight along with Mom, there is a boy coming, or if a dad is more anxious, it will be a girl. These theories can be very entertaining but Dad better not place too much trust in them or he might be in for an even bigger surprise when the big day comes!

Pregnancy week 32 is getting Mom and Dad even closer to delivery. If a good plan of action isn't in place for the big day, they better hurry! Baby is coming sooner than they think!