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Pregnancy Week 33

How to Get Pregnant

Pregnancy week 33 is getting really close to delivery, and among many of the decisions Mom and Dad will need to make will be the decision whether or not to circumcise if they have a boy. Obviously certain religions will dictate this decision greatly in many cases; however, if there is no religious preference, this is a great time for expectant parents to be doing their homework on the pros and cons of circumcision. Let us see how Mom and Baby are progressing this week.

Changes in the Mother's Body

By pregnancy week 33, mom will begin to gain about a pound a week. It is very important at this stage of pregnancy for women to watch for things like spots in their eyes, flashing lights while sleeping, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or even a sudden facial swelling. If any of these conditions should arise, it is a wise idea to seek medical attention as it could be a sign of the development of preeclampsia. As we discussed in the past weeks, this can be a very dangerous condition for Mom and baby.

Development of the Baby

Pregnancy week 33 is a very exciting week for baby because he/she may be having vivid dreams! It may sound crazy but yes, this week the baby will begin to experience bouts of REM sleep. It is unknown what the baby could possibly be dreaming about, however, theories suggest that they may be dreaming about things they have begun hearing recently. The baby can see light and his/her pupils even dilate now. The baby's skin has changed from red to pink due to an increase in body fat. The brain continues to mature and billions of neurons are teaching the baby about his/her current environment in the womb.

Diet and Exercise

Mom may be starting to lose her appetite slightly, mostly because her stomach is growing so rapidly and adding food to her already huge belly is uncomfortable. Nonetheless, she will need to be cognizant of the baby's need for nutrients. She must focus on getting the calories she needs in whatever form possible. Whether it is through eating tiny meals, dozens of times throughout the day, or through sipping supplemental milkshakes, Mom must get her nutrition. The prenatal vitamins will only supply so much of the essential nutrients needed, from there food intake must take over. If she is still comfortable enough to take walks, this will be the best form of exercise for Mom.

Tips for Dads

Sometime during pregnancy week 33, Dad may want to suggest to Mom that they begin planning their list of people they would like to send birth announcements to. Perhaps Dad can even take over this duty, making it one less thing Mom has to stress over. Mom will need Dad more than ever in these last several weeks. Things will become increasingly hard for her to do by herself. At some point in the very near future, she may not even be able to get out of a chair without assistance. It's vital that Dad show his support by being there to help her with whatever she may need.

Another great thing for expectant parents to focus on during the last stages of the third trimester is what pain medications Mom will use during childbirth. They might be wondering what the safest thing she can be given, with little to no ill effects on the baby, might be. Discussing these things with the healthcare workers will help shed some light on what the best option is.