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Pregnancy Week 34

How to Get Pregnant

Only a little over a month to go! At pregnancy week 34, Mom and Dad are looking at just 6 weeks until their big day arrives. Sometime over the next month Mom might even go into labor. Due dates are just estimations, it is not uncommon for babies to be born two weeks early, just as it is not uncommon for a babies to come two weeks late. Honestly, no one knows exactly what day it will happen. For this reason is it time to buckle down and get ready!

Changes in the Mother's Body

By the time pregnancy week 34 comes along it is more than likely that Mom has felt Braxton Hicks contractions. She has probably been feeling them for several weeks. The important difference between Braxton Hicks and actual contractions is the intensity and consistency. Braxton Hicks will usually not cause a significant amount of pain and they will be very sporadic while real labor contractions will be much more intense and will come at regularly spaced intervals. At this stage of pregnancy it is normal for Mom to feel a bit run down and tired. She should get as much rest as she needs.

Development of the Baby

At this point the baby is most likely in the birth position. A woman's doctor can determine whether ot not the baby is properly positioned, head first, or breech, bottom first. Babies who are born at pregnancy week 34 have an excellent change of survival as their lungs and other vital organs are fully developed. Usually at this point they are about 5 pounds in weight and approximately 12 to 13 inches long. The baby opens his/her eyes when he/she is awake and closes them when he/she is asleep.

Diet and Exercise

Calcium is crucial during pregnancy week 34 and beyond. Not only does the baby need the proper amount of calcium for strong bones but Mom also needs the extra calcium for her bones. Many of Mom's essential nutrients are being taken by her baby so making sure she gets more than enough of everything is of the utmost importance. By now it is doubtful that Mom will feel up to doing much exercise, however, the kegel exercises should still continue up until birth.

Tips for Dads

By this time Mom is probably feeling like an elephant. Her legs are probably swollen, her belly is huge, and she probably isn't paying much attention to cosmetics. Unfortunately, she probably just feels awful all the way around. This is when dad has to step up to the plate and let Mom know how much he cherishes her, and how gorgeous she is to him. Dad can help out a lot just by reassuring Mom that once the baby is born she will go right back to normal. Letting her know that he has confidence in her ability to be a good Mom, and that she will do fine in childbirth, will go a long way.

Pregnancy week 34 is also a great time for Mom and Dad to snuggle and take long naps together. Sometimes just having someone to lay down with her will help Mom sleep better.