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Pregnancy Week 35

How to Get Pregnant

By this time mom is probably planted in a recliner, or on the sofa, feeling like a beached whale! Not to worry because it is almost time for the new baby to arrive. Five weeks and counting down! By now everyone is probably a nervous wreck, making sure all the details are in order and everything is ready. Mom probably has more people than she'd like, worrying over her. At this time it may be best to give mom some space. She is probably not feeling very good at all and may not appreciate many visitors.

Changes in the Mother's Body

At pregnancy week 35 most doctors will begin to monitor the cervix to watch for any signs of effacement and dilation, also to determine what position the baby is in. The baby will not be able to pass through a cervix that is not dilated. When a cervix reaches 10 centimeters, it is time for the baby to be born. During labor, the cervix thins out and stretches to give the baby an opening from which he/she will pass through. Mom may be experiencing slight tenderness and even pain in either her rib cage, or her pelvic bone. This is caused by the pressure the baby of the baby.

Fetal Development

By pregnancy week 35 the baby probably weighs a good five and a half pounds. Obviously this number will vary with each baby but typically this is a good estimate. The baby's arms and legs are nice and plump by the end of this week. Pregnancy week 35 marks the week that the baby will experience the most rapid weight gain. He/she will gain approximately 8 to 12 ounces a week until the time of birth. The baby will become less active as he/she moves further into the birth. Due to the baby's size, he/she is probably quite cramped by now so while the movement may not be as apparent, it could in some instances be even more intense.

Diet and Exercise

Mom should be continuing to eat foods that are rich in calcium and iron, high in fiber, and loaded with vitamin C and folic acid. As we have mentioned in previous weeks, Mom may need to eat many small meals throughout the day. There isn't much room for food at this point, and overeating can cause her severe discomfort. No strenuous activities should be performed by a pregnant woman at this stage of her pregnancy.

Tips for Dads

Expecting father should still be taking an active role in household duties and caring for Mom. She is more than likely experiencing quite a bit of discomfort now. Dads may be able to visualize what she is feeling by imagining themselves with a watermelon in their bellies! It's not a fun feeling and Mom may be grumpy and irritable, Dad should take it with a grain of salt. It will all be over soon.

Starting at about pregnancy week 35, through the last several weeks of pregnancy, a woman's doctor may advise her that an orgasm could, quite possibly induce labor. Mom and Dad may want to turn the heat down for just a couple more weeks!