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Pregnancy Week 37

How to Get Pregnant

Mom is finally at full term! While we are only at pregnancy week 37, the baby could choose to come at any time, and would have no problem surviving now. It is still important for expectant moms to remember that even though they are actually at pregnancy week 37, they have technically only been pregnant for 35 weeks. That is the actual time the baby, itself, has been in the womb. As we discussed much earlier, the 40 week calendar includes the first two weeks that are actually preparation for pregnancy. With that said, it would be good if the baby could hold out just a bit longer but we have little say in that matter!

Changes in the Mother's Body

This week, a pregnant woman could notice a significant increase in vaginal discharge. This is caused by the mucous plug that covers the cervix. At pregnancy week 37 it will almost certainly begin to loosen. Some women experience one big messy discharge and others will experience a little at a time. There is nothing to be alarmed about, this is perfectly normal. Still, speaking with the doctor about any discharge is a given, as he/she will need to know whether or not the onset of labor has begun. The baby is in the position he/she is going to stay in from this point on. This means if the baby is breech now, (bottom or feet facing downward) he/she will not be making a miraculous turn about. This is the point where a doctor will determine whether or not a C-section will be required. Often, a doctor may choose to try an abdominal manipulation to try and turn the baby, prior to deciding on a C-section.

Development of the Baby

Even thought the baby is considered full term at pregnancy week 37, weighing in at about 6 and a half pounds, he/she has not finished growing, and will continue to do so until birth. Most of the time baby boys will weigh more than baby girls at birth; however this is not always the case. The baby is constantly practicing breathing movements in preparation for his/her life outside of Mom's womb. The baby has quite a firm grasp at this point and he/she will actually turn his/her little head in the direction of light! The baby is almost sure to be quite inactive at this time as he/she is probably in the birth canal, awaiting the journey into the world. Mom may still feel a little bit of movement as the baby tries to maintain a comfortable position.

Diet and Exercise

By pregnancy week 37, it is almost sure that Mom does not feel like doing much of anything in terms of exercise. This is fine; it is not a wise choice for women to push themselves at this stage of pregnancy. However, if a woman does feel up to a short walk then she should feel free to take one, provided her doctor has not forbidden it. Mom's appetite will surely be good now that the baby is not pressing against her stomach and intestines. She should feel free to eat until she feels her first contraction. It is not a great idea to eat just before labor but it does happen. Mom shouldn't stress too much about this.

Tips for Dads

If Dad was ever a boy scout, he remembers a little bit about being prepared for anything! Now that Mom is so close to delivering the baby, it would be a great time for Dad to make a checklist of everything they have decided they will need for the big day. There should be a bag packed for Mom, perhaps batteries charged for the camcorder. A nice easy route to the hospital at any time of day, especially if the expectant parents live in an area that is prone to traffic jams! A list of all the people that will be called, along with their phone numbers is a good way to avoid forgetting someone in all the confusion. Dad should even have a mini bag packed for himself that he keeps in the car incase he should be called in from work.

Aside from all the little details that will need to be remembered on the big day, there is state of mind. Everyone should try their hardest to remain calm during these last couple of weeks and remember that child birth is the most natural thing in the world and will almost always go by without a hitch.