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Pregnancy Week 39

How to Get Pregnant

Is it ever going to end? This may be the question Mom is asking right now. The baby, at pregnancy week 39, is surely ready to come, but there are no signs of labor yet. This can be very discouraging for expectant moms. Unfortunately, this is one decision baby gets to make! Sometimes, if labor does not begin in a reasonable amount of time, a doctor may decide to induce labor for a number of reasons. Mom still has a little time before she needs to consider this.

Changes in the Mother's Body

By pregnancy week 39, the false contractions are more than likely occurring quite a bit. This is the way Mom's body gets ready for the real thing. There are many signs Mom should watch for that are indicative of true labor. Obviously, if a woman's water breaks and she experiences a large spurt of warm fluid that trickles down her leg, she is in labor! A baby cannot remain in the womb without amniotic fluid, for this reason a woman should report to the hospital immediately upon losing her water. Often, a woman's water will not break until after she is already in labor.

Development of the Baby

By pregnancy week 39, the baby is getting quite crowded and will surely be coming any day. The lanugo that has covered the baby for the previous months has disappeared. One of the major concerns at this stage of pregnancy, while it is extremely rare, is the tangling of the umbilical chord. If there are problems with the umbilical chord, chances are a C- section would need to be performed. Again, this is a rare occurrence. Sometimes even if the umbilical chord does get wrapped around the baby's neck, it will pose little to no problem. Only about 1% of pregnancies actually result in a total umbilical chord knot.

Diet and Exercise

Things are still status quo for Mom's diet. She should be continuing to eat nutritional foods that will provide her and her baby the strength they will need to get through the labor process. Labor is not only traumatic on Mom but also on Baby. Much energy will be used during the process of child birth. Exercise is not much of an issue at this stage of pregnancy and it might even be best for Mom to rest during pregnancy week 39 and up until delivery. Her body is going to be working double time when the big day comes.

Tips for dads

Dad is just about ready to become a father. If there are subsequent children in the home, hopefully by this time Dad has taken on all the responsibilities of caring for them and the household. Mom will not be of much use over the next week or so. After the baby comes, Mom will need even more help as she will have a new baby that will be hindering her from getting a good night's sleep for the first few months. Dad should make plans to share in the night time feedings when Baby comes home so that Mom can recover from child birth.

Sexual intercourse has been known to induce labor. Impatient parents, unless otherwise advised by their doctor might try this age old trick. There are many stories of women who have begun labor directly after having an orgasm.