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Pregnancy Week 40

How to Get Pregnant

This is not funny anymore! Surely this is what Mom and Dad are thinking. At pregnancy week 40 this baby is still not showing any signs of coming out! This has been the longest 40 weeks in their lives, and they are ready to bring their new baby home so they can begin their lives as parents. This might be a good time to talk with the doctor about possibly inducing labor. After all, the baby is full term. Some doctors will wait until after week 41 before they will consider inducing, and some will induce right at pregnancy week 40. It depends on the doctor.

Changes in the Mother's Body

Mom is probably thinking she is ready to explode as her belly is stretched to its fullest capability. She probably has to run to the bathroom several times an hour due to the pressure the baby is putting on her bladder. Her ankles may be swollen; she probably feels like a whale, and may be quite crabby. All of this is normal in pregnancy week 40. Hopefully labor will begin today or tomorrow. Mom doesn't think she can stay pregnant for even another hour and will be so thrilled when the onset of labor presents itself. This is the worst part of pregnancy for most women. They begin to think they have paid their dues and are running out of patience! Soon, Mom, very soon a beautiful little baby girl or boy will enter the world and all of this will be a distant memory.

Development of the Baby

The baby is probably about ready to get out of his/her cramped environment as well. The baby probably weighs an average of about 7.5 pounds by now. Obviously every baby is different and no one will know for sure what the weight is until after birth but this is a safe guess. About 15% of the baby's weight is comprised of body fat and the baby is a fully functioning human being. The only thing left to develop are his/her motor skills and they will do so within the first couple of years of life. It's time and pretty soon the baby will be introducing him/herself to the world!

Diet and Exercise

Mom may be tired of eating, or she may be feeling like she is starving. Either way, until the onset of labor presents itself, she can feel free to eat normally. Mom deserves to treat herself at this point. If she has been avoiding sugary snacks throughout her pregnancy, she can grab a nice big piece of cake, or a big hot fudge sundae if that's what she wants, she has earned it! In pregnancy week 40, whether or not to exercise is still up to Mom. If she feels like it, and the doctor approves, she can walk but she should stick pretty close to home and should surely bring along a partner and a cell phone!

Tips for Dads

Mom may not be in the mood but if she is and the doctor hasn't forbidden it, sex is a great way to induce labor! Some dads are afraid they will hurt the baby at this late stage. Again, unless the doctor has forbidden it for some reason, a little bit of gentle intercourse will not hurt. It is important for Dad not to feel wounded if Mom doesn't feel up to it. She is at a very delicate point in her pregnancy and nothing she says or does at this point should be taken personally.

It's almost time, get ready to break out the cigars and celebrate; baby is almost here! It won't be much longer before Mom, Dad, and Baby are headed home from the hospital to begin their new lives together.