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Audio CDs For Newborn Children

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When baby makes his or her first appearance, this can be a pretty scary world. Baby just came from the warmth and security of mother's womb and now there are all kinds of frightening sensations that will take some getting used to. Many experts suggests using audio CDs in the nursery with soothing sounds to comfort baby during these trying days and weeks ahead. There are so many choices available, and just like grownups, not all babies have the same taste in music. Some babies prefer stories while others prefer gentle sounds and lullabies. There is no reason to stick with any one genre, either. The more baby is exposed to now, the broader his/her horizons will be later in life.

Classical Music

There is a broad range of soothing classical music available on audio CDs that many babies find comforting. What nursery would be complete without Handel's "Lullaby" or Mozart's "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?" Classical lullabies probably top the all time favorite list for moms and babies alike.

Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs

Some parents find that nursery rhymes and children's songs work well for newborn baby. Many of these classic children's songs are accompanied by voices of children interspersed throughout the recording. Newborn babies, for some unknown reason, seem to like having voices of children around them. It brings them comfort.

Positive Imagery & Environmental Sounds

Sounds of the ocean or birds and crickets in the forest tend to be among the most soothing sounds for newborn babies. Some audio CDs use positive imagery to the backdrop of sounds of nature. Soothing voices affirm baby's importance and individuality with encouraging messages. Many child psychologists say that positive affirmations during our first days, months and years on earth stay programmed into our self image for the rest of our lives.

Prayers and Bible Stories

Moms and dads often want their children to grow up in 'the faith'. Religion is a vital part of our everyday existence so parents want their baby to know, from the very earliest days, what their faith is all about. Whether the audio CD is the children's Bible or stories and prayers for children, many parents view this as a kind of security, or guardian angel, in the nursery with their newborn child.

Children's Stories

Classic children's stories are also on audio CD. While it is uncertain to what degree a newborn can sense or understand sights and smells around him/her, it is certain that babies love the sound of children's laughter. Happy sounds and stories with children's voices give baby comfort while alone in a big, new, frightening world.

Educational CDs

Some parents believe that it is never too early to start teaching children to read. While newborn baby is unlikely to understand much of what is being said, there is some degree of research that suggests that sights and sounds we encounter when we first arrive in this world affect us for the rest of our days. Perhaps learning phonics from day one isn't a bad idea.

The thing to be aware of when choosing audio CDs for baby is that this is a huge world into which baby has just arrived. During those first days and weeks it is best to recreate soothing sounds that baby would have heard in mommy's womb. Sounds of gently flowing water and gentle voices that bring comfort seem to be the most popular choices among parents and child psychologists as well. Within weeks, adding songs, lullabies and other suitable genre begin to broaden baby's horizon while adding comfort in this frightening new world.