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Best Position to Get Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant

At times it can be difficult to conceive, so an important concern would be the best position to get pregnant. Some people say that there are positions which are more favorable than others as the sperm may have difficulty being placed in the cervix in certain positions. Truthfully, there are no scientific findings that one position is more successful than another. Also, there is no true set course of action as intercourse is a natural thing. The sperm arrives into the cervix in all sexual positions.

Research for the Best Position to Get Pregnant

There has been research into finding the best position to get pregnant, but actually most of the findings are based on theory alone. However, there are many couples who choose to believe in various tips, strategies, and techniques that are suggested to them through this research. There is more than one position to choose from to increase possibility of becoming pregnant. A couple may engage in intercourse while standing, sitting, and various other positions that they feel may provide them the best possibility of getting pregnant. The only true way to get pregnant is for the sperm of a male to fertilize an egg released by an ovary in the female.

Possible Positions for Increased Chances of Pregnancy

Some would say that rear entry is the best position to get pregnant. There are studies that show that having intercourse in this position will allow the male to deposit sperm directly into the cervix without any of the sperm being lost. Furthermore, this position may also save time and energy for the sperm to swim upstream. One other favorable position is the side-by-side position. In this case, each individual will lie side by side allowing the sperm to be released directly into the cervix. Moreover, there is a maximized flow of semen if both of the couples relax their legs.

Questions Surrounding the Best Position to Get Pregnant

Many people question whether or not there is a best position that is above all others to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Most couples trying to get pregnant would like to be completely sure of the best, and quickest, solution. Research shows that the most favorable position is the missionary position. This situation is favored above all, standing or sitting, positions since the man is on top the semen will remain in the cervix longer. This gives the sperm enough time to find and fertilize the ovary. Gravity plays a significant role in this position also. Moreover, it also recommended that the woman remain on her back for at least 30 minutes, and not wash immediately after copulation.

Whether or not there is a best position to get pregnant still remains to be seen. There are other factors involved such as, the frequency in which a couple engages in intercourse. This is thought to significantly increase the possibility of conception. Furthermore, discontinue use of birth control, and allow yourself the proper readjustment period to become fertile again.