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Clothing for Baby

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If you know what to look for when choosing clothing for baby, it will help make shopping for adorable clothes much easier. A baby will grow a great deal in a short amount of time. It may even be necessary to exchange the newborn gifts that were received, as many babies don't fit into newborn clothing at all. Thus, it is a smart decision to keep the tags for baby's clothes until you are comfortable with the fitting in case an exchange needs to be made. Simply choose the next larger size so that the baby is comfortable.

A Baby's Comfort is the Most Important Thing

A baby is very flexible, but it is most beneficial if very little bending is required for dressing and diaper changing. Therefore, always check that the clothing for baby has snaps at the opening, and possibly zippers only in the front. Too many buttons or zippers can cause a baby discomfort if it is located in sensitive areas of the baby skin. Thus, always choose clothing that has a layer of fabric between the baby and zippers or snaps. Furthermore, choose elastic that is covered, and avoid buttons with rough edges. Remember, there are federal standards that will not allow the purchase of items that could potentially strangle a baby.

Clothing for Baby Should be Practical for Care and Comfort

If a baby's clothes are unable to be machine washed, too much effort will be required in care and maintenance. Always read the labels when purchasing clothing for baby, as you may be surprised to find the amount of baby clothing items that are dry clean only. Although most clothing manufacturers take special care when designing infant clothing, it is still possible for dangerous items to get through the screening process. Before making a purchase, take note of embellishments that may be dangerous. Buttons that are loose, zippers that are not stitched well, or items that can be worked loose, or snag on things, should be avoided.

Sensible Layers of Clothing for Baby

When dressing a baby, consider the fact that a newborn should wear at least one more layer than an adult might wear. The layers for a baby should always allow for the easy removal, or the addition of another layer. In areas of colder environment, a fleece layer will help to keep a baby warm. This is better than using thicker clothing, as clothing that is too bulky will be uncomfortable. Furthermore, clothing that is too thick will not be feasible in a car seat.

Baby socks should be considered when layering clothing. The socks should fit well because it is common for the socks to fall off repeatedly. Thus, it is wise to carry several pairs when traveling, in the event that socks need to be replaced. Although many new parents do not choose to use shoes, there is always the option to include soft shoes as an added layer. As with socks, choose shoes that have wide openings so as to make putting them on easier on you and baby.