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Early Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

Many women don't even suspect they might be pregnant until they have missed a period or two, and often not even then. If they aren't careful about keeping track of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy can come as a big surprise. Quite often, it isn't until they are 2, or even 3 months along that they begin to suspect something. If the pregnancy is planned it can be a wonderful surprise, but often it comes as a big shock if not.

The First Subtle Signs of Pregnancy

Missing a period is one of the first early pregnancy signs for some women. You should not use this as a base for determining whether or not you are pregnant, however. Many women lead such active lifestyles that they just forget to track the dates of their periods. Women who participate in strenuous physical activities often don't have a regular cycle which makes it more difficult to determine if they are pregnant or not.

More Accurate Signs and Symptoms

Early pregnancy may often be characterized by tender, swollen breasts, and your bra may seem as if it has shrunk a size. On the other hand, you may be one of those women who have this feeling right before her period, also. If the skin surrounding the nipples (the areolas) seems to be darker than normal, this could be a sign of pregnancy and not just the start of a normal period. The breasts may also feel 'heavier' and the veins more prominent.

Fatigue and Nausea

If a woman finds herself tumbling into bed at night feeling exhausted, or she drops off to sleep during the day because she just can't keep her eyes open, then she is probably experiencing the first signs of early pregnancy. If she is visiting the bathroom more frequently to urinate, this is another signal from her body that something is changing. Frequent, early morning nausea is another well known sign of what is about to happen.

Cravings and Appetite

Many times a woman may find herself eating, or wanting to eat something that she would normally not even consider. She may even begin eating strange combinations of foods or snacks that don't appear to be very appetizing to anyone else, but she finds them delicious and delectable. These cravings may hit at anytime, day or night, and nothing else will do. It is usually the spouse that has to get up and head to the supermarket in the middle of the night. The appetite will increase and the pregnant woman may find herself eating far more than normal.

Any and all of these can signify an early pregnancy. While a woman may not have all the signs or symptoms, there is a good chance that one or two of them will be evident and point to the fact that she may be pregnant. A home pregnancy test can be taken, and a visit to the doctor for a blood test will tell her if she is actually pregnant. Some knowledge on pregnancy is a great way to calm early pregnancy fears, so have a browse around this site for some helpful info.