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Eleven Collection Shoes for Baby

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Because Eleven Collections shoes for children are trendy and provide comfort for growing feet, many parents are asking whether or not there are Eleven Collection shoes for baby. Actually, there is a line of shoes for baby that starts at zero and goes to 24 months, and a toddler line for children 3 to 8 years of age. However, those shoes are designed and manufactured by a sister company, See Kai Run. The story behind Eleven Collection shoes is really quite interesting as it is about two shoe designers who met, forged a bond, and blended their business acumen to create a line for older children.

The Story of Eleven Collection Shoes

Nancy Coronado, the founder of Picaflor Kids and Cause Haun, owner of See Kai Run met in 2005 and formed a friendship that would lead them into a business venture, Eleven, also referred to as Eleven Collection. While Picaflor Kids is a collection of unique knitwear for children and See Kai Run is a company dedicated to comfortable footwear for babies and toddlers, Eleven was created for older children, starting at size 3. It is possible to get Eleven Collection shoes for baby, but they would need to be older babies, or toddlers, as the case may be. Tiny baby shoes are marketed under the sister company, See Kai Run.

See Kai Run Shoes for Baby

The founder of See Kai Run, Cause Haun, began her company when she was on a quest to find the first pair of shoes for her son. Living in the Seattle area, Cause searched everywhere but could not find the shoe she was looking for which would be a perfect blend of style, comfort and support. She did what came naturally for her. She designed his shoe and, in fact a whole line of infant shoes, which were on the cutting edge of style, but allowed for the natural development of tiny feet. Her company then began supplying infant's shoes to the greater Seattle area and from there, the rest is history. When she met Nancy Coronado of Picaflor Kids, the two teamed up to offer a line of trendy, yet comfortable shoes for older children.

Eleven Collection Shoes

Eleven Collection shoes are stylish, yet comfortable as they never need to be broken in. Each and every pair is manufactured with artisan craftsmanship that blends style and functionality so that they can be worn for any occasion. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Eleven fashions children's shoes with easy-on zipper or Velcro closures. They are soft, and are crafted with all leather uppers. Eleven shoes have flexible outer soles and cushioned insoles. When parents fall in love with these shoes they question whether there is a line of Eleven Collection shoes for baby. Eleven is happy to refer them to See Kai Run for the same stylish comfort for infants and toddlers.

By starting babies with See Kai Run shoes and keeping them in the same comfortable style with Eleven Collection shoes as they journey through childhood, parents can rest easy knowing their children have shoes perfectly styled for growing feet. Each and every step they take is sure to lead forward with support, comfort, and of course cutting edge style.