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Feeding Time for Baby

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One of the most enjoyable times for a baby is feeding time because they are getting a nice full tummy and lots of love from mom. The feeling of security that babies derive from being coddled and nourished in their mother's arms stays with them their entire life. This is one of the most important times in the development of a newborn because they learn to bond and trust. The most important advice that can be given a new mother is to just relax and enjoy this time with that beautiful little creature. There really are just a few things to understand about feeding time for baby.

Feeding Positions for Comfort

Since this is such an important time in the early development of the baby, it is important for both the mother and child to be as comfortable as possible. Be as relaxed as you can and hold baby close while feeding. As soon as an infant is able to see clearly, keep eye contact whenever possible. If breast feeding the baby, just make sure to hold him/her securely and always keep the baby warm and dry.

Baby Bottle or Breast Milk

One of the decisions that was probably made during pregnancy was whether or not to breast feed the baby. While some mothers are comfortable with this, others simply are not. Although doctors feel it is best to nurse if at all possible because it boosts the child's undeveloped immune system and forges a solid bond, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you choose not to breast feed your baby. If truly uncomfortable, it is probably best not to, because baby will sense your insecurity. Feeding time for baby can forge that special bond whether or not the child is breastfed if special care is taken.

Healthy Weight Gain

Many new mothers are concerned with their baby losing weight in the first week or two of their lives. This is perfectly normal and most newborns will loose up to 10% of their birth weight during this time. After that, a baby should gain weight consistently, doubling their weight within about five or six months. Another question that new mothers have is if they are feeding their child enough. Healthy weight gain and bowel movements are a good gauge of this. If baby is urinating at least six times a day and having regular bowel movements, then he or she is eating enough.

Water and Vitamins

During warmer months, it is usually alright to give baby small amounts of sterilized (boiled) water or Pedialyte a couple of times per day to keep them hydrated. It is necessary to closely monitor the amount of water the babies drink because they might get too full to eat. During the first six months of the baby's life, feeding time for baby should include nothing but mother's milk or formula, and water if needed. Cow's milk should never be given to babies during the first year of their lives, but the pediatrician will probably suggest multiple vitamins for infants to ensure adequate nutrients for proper development.

Life can be hectic enough with the arrival of a newborn and all of the additional duties that come with the package. Feeding time for baby is a time that can be used to relax and take a break from the chaos. Mother and baby can take comfort in each other's company, which is something they both really need.