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First Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

That first pregnancy can make a woman nervous and excited at the same time. Not knowing quite what to expect, yet looking forward to the joys of being a parent and experiencing the changes that will occur in the nine months ahead can be frightening. Knowing a little about the process helps to put her mind at ease, and allows her to relax in anticipation of the upcoming birth of the first child.

The Joy of Discovery

A period or two has been missed and a woman might be feeling the first stirrings of hope. Could the possibility of pregnancy be a reality? Most women rely on the prediction of the home pregnancy test before they go to the doctor. Some women may take as many as three tests so that they are absolutely sure before giving the news to their partner. First comes the shock of confirmation, and then the joy and tears as they realize that the dream of the first pregnancy is real.

What to Expect

A woman's body is going to go through many changes as the pregnancy advances. The morning sickness may have her asking why she ever thought this idea to get pregnant was a 'good' idea. She is going to be tired at first all the time, and when the hormones get into the act she will have mood swings, be cranky, and cry for no reason. In addition, she will need constant reassurance from her partner that she is still beautiful and appealing, and not as fat and unattractive as she feels she is. This is all going to happen in the first trimester of the pregnancy, so be prepared. It doesn't last forever, though. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

The First Prenatal Visit

The first pregnancy prenatal exam is the time to get questions asked and answered by the doctor who will be taking care of the woman during the nine months she is pregnant. She can also expect to have her weight checked, blood drawn, a pelvic exam, urine tests, and blood pressure recorded. The blood test will confirm the pregnancy and check the general state of health. The doctor will prescribe prenatal vitamins and discuss any questions she will have. There are always a lot of questions the first time a woman gets pregnant!

The Second and Third Trimester Visits

During these visits, the doctor will be able to test the blood for any type of birth defect. Some women have risk factors that may require the use of a fetal ultrasound or amniocentesis testing to determine if their baby is at risk or could be in the future. It is usually in the third trimester visit that the blood sugar is tested for any sign of gestational diabetes. It is especially important to have these tests done if this is a first pregnancy.

A woman who is pregnant for the first time should relax and enjoy the time she and her partner have together. In nine months the real adventure will begin.