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Healthy Weight After Pregnancy

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One of the first things women worry about after having a baby is how they are going to get back to their normal pre-pregnancy weight. Usually, it just takes a little bit of time and patience to shed the extra pounds but some women find it more difficult to lose the weight than others. Here are some things that can assist a woman in the process of losing weight and getting back to a healthy weight after pregnancy once her child is born.

Breast Feeding

Statistics show that breast feeding an infant, without using formula as a supplement, can burn as many as 600 calories per day. This is a substantial amount of calories and is equal to the calories one would burn with two full hours of aerobic exercise per day. It is important to remember that during breast feeding calorie cutting is not recommended. No less than 1800 to 2000 calories a day should be consumed for healthy milk production.

Eat Breakfast

Many women try too hard to lose weight and one of the things they do is forego breakfast. This is a very bad idea not only for women who are breast feeding but for all. Eating breakfast begins the fuel burning process. If breakfast is skipped regularly the metabolism becomes sluggish and the body begins to store fat.

Healthy Diet

It is important to eat a diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, especially during the breast feeding period. Avoid processed and high fat foods and choose healthy snacks like fruit, granola and yogurt in between meals. It is best to eat several smaller meals a day instead of eating just three big meals. Avoid fatty foods and refined sugar.


Most moms are quite worn out after pregnancy and childbirth and cannot even consider a strenuous work out during the first six weeks home from the hospital. A small step to getting back to a healthy weight after pregnancy could be just walking around the block once a day. The key to a good exercise routine is developing a comfortable pace and not over doing it.

Walk With Baby

After the six week check up, provided all is well and the doctor clears her, mom can increase the walking a bit. A great way to increase the benefits of a long walk is to bring the baby in a front or back pack style carrier. Not only will the added weight make for a better work out but it is a great way to spend quality time bonding with baby while exercising.

Drink Plenty of Water

A healthy body needs about 64 ounces of water a day in order for the kidneys to function correctly. There are also some added benefits to drinking water. Drinking a glass of water prior to a meal can curb hunger a little by filling the stomach. There are also studies that have shown that drinking water can up the caloric burning process.

Getting back to a healthy weight after pregnancy is a gradual process and no one should push themselves too hard. The goal in losing weight after childbirth should never be more than a pound per week. As a rule it can take approximately 8 to 12 months to see all of the pregnancy weight come off.