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How to Get Pregnant after 35

How to Get Pregnant

Age 35 is considered to be the age of people who are at the prime of their lives. By this time, you may have already be successful in your career, or you have grown tired of partying all night with your friends or with your endless shopping for your trendy outfits. At this age, you may probably have achieved almost 50% of what you have wanted in your life. These things include a man to share your life with forever, and children, of course.

Yet, at this age, it is said that the risk of having miscarriages and stillbirths also increases. If you are one of those women who are struggling to get pregnant after 35 years old, then here are the things your should remember.


Did you know that stress can affect fertility? There are studies which have shown that stress causes an imbalance in your pituitary hormones. These hormones, in turn, can influence the functioning of your ovaries by causing delays in ovulation or the release of your egg during each menstrual cycle. If your ovulation is delayed, then you cannot conceive. You have to live a stress-free lifestyle. If you are a hard-working, driven woman, cut back on your workload if you want to have baby.

Eat Healthy

Do you know that food can actually influence your reproductive organs to function effectively? If you are overweight or obese, with a BMI of greater than 30, this will send mixed signals to your ovaries, causing problems in your menstrual cycle. If you want to have a regular menstrual cycle, then you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables and maintain your weight and BMI at healthy levels.

Have Sex during your Ovulation

There are numerous ways to predict your ovulation day. One is through the use of basal body temperature. The other method is through the use of ovulation kits, which are either available online or at drugstores.

Look and Feel Sexy

There are some studies which say that when you are aroused during sex, the pH of your vagina and cervix becomes more alkaline, thus making you more fertile during intercourse.

Maintain a positive attitude

Just because you are thirty-five doesn't mean that you have lesser chances of conceiving. If you just feel happy and relaxed about yourself, you will not be placing stress on yourself, and thus you will be able to maintain a regular menstrual cycle and will be able to conceive. A positive attitude towards things is essential in every challenge.

Being 35 years old is really a very challenging yet rewarding experience to become pregnant. In the end, you get what you want--- a successful career, a happy married life and a baby!