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How To Get Pregnant After 40

How to Get Pregnant

Are you a woman in your 40s? It is never too late to have a baby at the age of 40. Patience, dedication and determination are needed for you to have a baby at this age. And if you are determined and ready to be a mom anytime, here are some tips to get you going.

Lighten your workload

At 40, you are probably one of those Type-A, woman-bosses who is in control of almost everything. But being in control of everything also has its own drawbacks. You get stressed. You get tired. Your immune system weakens. You are prone to illnesses. You feel weak, with tired aching muscles at the end of the day.

This is probably the time when you think you have to stop and slow down. Motherhood is a challenge. It is a rewarding career and just like any other career, you have to invest your time, energy and patience in it. You certainly do not want to get stressed for your baby, do you? Relax at this point in time and slow down. Your reproductive hormones are influenced by your stress levels. Women who are more relaxed are more likely to conceive

Take care of Yourself

Because you are in your 40s, you deserve to pamper yourself. Have fun and subject yourself to a spa treat or a weekend in the park. Physically, you can pamper yourself when you choose to be healthy. Maintain your weight. Women with a BMI of over 30 are less likely to conceive. Pamper yourself physically, mentally and spiritually because you deserve it. Feel and look young. Make the most out of your life everyday. It is best that you prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for your future role as a mother.

Love your Body

Get physically fit. Perform regular exercise. Exercise regulates your reproductive hormones and makes your ovaries function effectively. This then gives rise to a regular menstrual cycle. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Also get plenty of water and get adequate sleep. Cut back on caffeine. It is said that Caffeine prevents the absorption of folic acid in the body. Folic acid is necessary for brain and spinal cord development. Not having enough folic acid in a woman's body may give rise to increased rates of stillbirths and congenital defects.

Have time for your Married life

Always have quality time for your husband. Stay and look sexy. Organize romantic dates and intimate moments with each other. This is the time for baby-making. Have fun together and enjoy your relationship.

Prepare, prepare

Remember, every baby is a gift from God. You never know when this gift is going to arrive to you and your husband. So, by taking care of your body, finding time for yourself and stabilizing your intimate relationship with your husband, you are actually preparing for your baby's coming. And when this bundle of joy comes, it will surely be a very wonderful experience.