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How To Get Pregnant After A Termination

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There are many reasons why a pregnancy is terminated. Mostly it is due to compromise of maternal health. Nevertheless, whatever the reason is, you should think of it as a major change on your body.

When your body undergoes a stressful event, such as a surgical operation, or trauma or illness, the first thing it does is to use up its protein stores to counteract the negative protein balance caused by the event. Thus, you should find ways on how to help your body cope up with this change, so that you can conceive again.

Conceiving after termination of pregnancy is not impossible but it is also not easy. It is not only physical factors which you have to deal with. The mother also has to deal with mental and emotional factors. She should also cope up mentally and emotionally with the change. Conceiving after a terminated pregnancy requires patience and willingness.

Seek Medical Advice

Before you embark on your journey towards conception, always seek the advice of your medical doctor. Your medical doctor should advice you about the right time to conceive. He or she may even run some tests on you to check on your condition. Follow the advice of the medical practitioner where you have sought help to prevent further complications.

Heal yourself

Nothing can heal those emotional and mental wounds that you have from within except yourself. It is only you who can heal yourself. Find time for yourself. Do not bury yourself in work. Find time to engage in fun filled and enjoyable activities. Make sure that you have given yourself adequate time to heal before you decide to get pregnant again. Otherwise, you are going to carry that negative emotional energy throughout your pregnancy and that will affect the growth and development of the baby.

Nourish yourself

Because termination of pregnancy is also a stressful event physically, you also have to combat that negative protein balance your body has undergone by proper nutrition and healing. You should adequately nourish yourself with nutritious food. Vitamin and mineral supplementation is also essential in this stage. You should eat healthy and exercise. You should keep yourself within a healthy BMI.

Join a group

For you to be able to cope up with the emotional trauma that you have felt, you can also seek the company of people who have been in your situation. You can organize your own group if you like. You can also join interest groups which you can enjoy and participate in. This will help you in your healing process. If you have to get counseling, do so.

Do not lose hope

Do not let depression ruin your chances and hopes of getting pregnant after termination of pregnancy. There are many cases wherein termination of pregnancy ends up with succeeding successful pregnancies. Do not lose hope. Be optimistic. Remember that you alone can take control of your life and there is absolutely nothing in this world that you cannot achieve if you really put your heart and soul to it.