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How To Get Pregnant After Ablation

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There is really nothing which is impossible in this world. This holds true for a woman who has undergone ablation therapy before and who wants to get pregnant. Are you one of these women? If so, fret not because we are going to dig deeper into the nature of ablation and how you can get pregnant in spite of it.

Ablation therapy is curative therapy for certain gynecologic abnormalities such as endometriosis and adhesions. It is used to remove or destroy the endometrial lining of a woman's uterus. This procedure is often used in women who suffer from excessive or prolonged bleeding during their menses but cannot or do not wish to undergo removal of the uterus. Although some of you may say that it is quite impossible for some women to get pregnant after undergoing ablative therapy, still, there are some cases of successful pregnancies. Here are some tips you have to remember if you are a woman who has undergone ablative therapy before and wants to get pregnant easily.

Have Yourself Evaluated Medically

Before planning to get pregnant, you should first seek the help of your medical doctor. You should make sure that getting pregnant will not compromise your or the babies health. Sometimes the doctor will run a series of tests as part of your fertility work-up. In that case, do not lose hope and do not miss your doctor appointments. You really need to be evaluated medically because some complications associated with ablation are perforation and damage to the uterus or burns.

Get proper nutrition

Remember that proper nutrition plays a key role in every fertility program. Nutrition can affect hormonal balance in the body. Since ablation is a medical procedure which predisposes a woman to have hormonal imbalance, you need good nutrition to make up for the hormonal imbalance which results from this procedure.

Make sure you have healed

Make sure that you have adequately healed from the procedure. 5-6 weeks is enough time before planning a pregnancy. If you rush things, you are increasing your chances of miscarriage and this will cause pain on your part.

Have sex during your ovulation period

After you have healed from your ablation procedure, make sure that you have sex on your ovulation day. It is during this time that the pH of your cervix becomes more alkaline and your reproductive system is conducive for implantation and conception. You should grab this opportunity to make love so that you can increase your chances of conception.

Maintain your pH

Remember that ablation has an effect on endometrial tissue and this tissue is where the embryo rests. You have to make the environment as conducive as possible and restore the environment for your baby to be born. Avoid using lubricants, creams and douches as this will alter the pH of your vagina.

There is really nothing impossible in this world if you really desire it. Similarly, if you really want to get pregnant after ablation, you can do so if you have determination and the willingness to do what is best for you and your unborn child.