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How To Get Pregnant After An Ectopic Pregnancy

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Having an ectopic pregnancy is a painful experience. This condition ensues when a fertilized egg has implanted outside the uterus. The egg settles in the fallopian tubes in more than 95% of ectopic pregnancies. And this can be a painful experience. Although there are some studies which say that ectopic pregnancies can further result to more ectopic pregnancies and abortions, there are still some cases which have lead to successful conception.

If you are a woman who has had ectopic pregnancy before, do not despair. Here are some tips you can follow if you want to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy.

Schedule a visit to your medical doctor

Have yourself evaluated by a medical doctor first before you plan to become pregnant. You have to correct what is wrong first before embarking on a second journey. Be reminded that the causes of ectopic pregnancy vary from pelvic inflammatory disease, contraceptive use and endometrial problems. It is best that you have these conditions treated first so that you will be assured that you will not have a second ectopic pregnancy.

Take out the pills

If you want to become pregnant, abstain from using oral contraceptive pills. Oral contraceptive pills predispose to ectopic pregnancies. Taking oral contraceptive pills triggers hormonal imbalances which disrupt your ovulation and will lessen your chances of conception.

Take vitamin and mineral supplementation

Make sure that you take adequate supplementation if your want your baby to grow healthy. This will also prevent some hormonal imbalances from occurring. Also this prevents congenital defects from occurring.

Get frequent prenatal check-ups all throughout pregnancy

Considering that you have had an ectopic pregnancy before, it is best that you exercise utmost care with your succeeding pregnancies. You should consult your doctor and report any signs and symptoms that you may feel while you are pregnant

Lastly be careful, careful and careful!

Take care of yourself. Get proper nutrition. Get adequate rest. Do not subject yourself to too much stress. Get adequate sleep. These are simple things but they can help you avoid the risk of having another ectopic pregnancy and can increase your chances of having your baby. Exercise caution in taking new medications and supplements and in engaging in new activities. Always consult your medical doctor before trying out new things while you are expecting.