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How To Get Pregnant After Being On Depo

How to Get Pregnant

Depo is a very convenient and effective means of contraception. You only have to take it every 3 months. But when women want to get pregnant again after Depo contraception it poses a great challenge. How can they resume their reproductive function and menstrual regularity after Depo contraception?

Yet with some natural ways, it is not impossible to do so. The trick is to make the body slowly resume its regular hormonal function from pituitary hormonal feedback to ovarian stimulation to ovulation. If you want to get pregnant fast after Depo contraception, you should make your body adapt to these changes slowly with these in mind.

Stop Depo Contraception now

If you want to get pregnant as early as possible, you have to stop Depo now. It will take about three months for the body to resume its normal cycle again. Remember that ovulation only comes every month and regularity of menstruation could be achieved only after these three months. You have to be patient. Do not panic. Your body is an efficient machine that is able to adapt itself to different changes it encounters throughout its lifetime

Predict your ovulation

Make sure that you know when you should be ovulating. One method is through the use of basal body temperature. Another is through the use of ovulation kits available in the market. Once you can predict when you will be ovulating, have sex with your partner during this period. These ovulation kits are designed in such a way that they have a color change when the presence of luteinizing hormone is detected in your urine. You should start testing with an ovulation kit several days after the beginning of a period until the last day of your menstrual cycle. Once you have that positive result, this means you are ovulating during this period and that you should have sex during these days.

Get intimate

Get intimate very often with your husband. Make your sex life as exciting as possible. You need to rediscover each other once again like new lovers at this important new phase in your life--- the readiness of bringing up a baby. Plan fun-filled activities together or go on a second honeymoon. This can create a certain spark in your relationship. Wear something sexy during your intimate moments and explore new positions. Remember that if you are fully aroused during your sexual intercourse, your body adapts, making you more fertile.

Adjust to your changed body

Once you are out of contraception, expect your body to undergo some changes. Expect that sometimes you may have a certain feel or you may have several symptoms such as nausea, headache or dryness of the mouth. Weight change may also happen. This happens because the body is adapting on the withdrawal of progesterone from your body. These symptoms may soon pass as time goes by and your body will be able to regulate its own hormones. You just have to wait, wait and wait.

Patience is a virtue

Yes, patience is what you need in weaning yourself from Depo contraception and attempting to conceive. After you stop your contraception, the body adapts slowly so do not get depressed when you don't get pregnant right away. Allow your body ample time to recover and make its own hormones without artificial means. If you are patient enough, you will reap your rewards--- a healthy baby and a happy family life.