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How To Get Pregnant After Being On The Pill

How to Get Pregnant

The pill is the most reliable method of contraception ever created. It encourages responsible parenthood because it is easy to take, affordable, readily available, and sometimes even free as part of some government and private programs. It offers protection from unwanted pregnancy for sometime, while you are taking it. Yet most women using it want to get pregnant once they stop taking it. If you are one of these women then feel free to read on.

What happens during oral contraception?

When you take these oral contraceptive pills, the elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone in the bloodstream fools your body to thinking that it might be pregnant. This is enough negative feedback to signal the pituitary gland and the ovaries to stop creating its own hormones. After you end the set of pills, you will experience breakthrough bleeding as a result of withdrawal of these hormones, just like menstruation.

Why is it important for us to know all these? Oral contraceptive pills interfere with the way the reproductive system creates and regulates its own hormones. Thus it may take sometime, usually 5-6 weeks before it can resume its normal cycle again on its own. Thus do not expect yourself to get pregnant right after withdrawal. It may take some time for the body to adapt to this change. You have to develop patience in waiting for that exciting phase in your life getting pregnant.

Stay sexy

Being sexy is based on many aspects. Physically, you cannot feel sexy if you are uncomfortable with your body. You have to be at ease with your body. You will be at ease with your body only if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and be fit and trim. You can only achieve these if you eat a healthy diet and you exercise regularly.

Once you are living a healthy lifestyle, then you will feel sexy. You have to pamper your body and relax. Go to fun-filled activities and enjoy. Have emotional renewal, as this phase in your life is going to be a major change.

Go on a Second Honeymoon

This is an important phase in your relationship, as this is the start of your journey into parenthood. Enjoy this moment as this will never come again. Go on a second honeymoon with your husband and have fun together. Start going to new places or reminisce certain memorable events in your love life, such as the day you met, your first kiss, etc. You can go to some memorable places and relive those happy and romantic moments.

Have Optimism

Be optimistic and do not easily get depressed when you do not get pregnant after 1 month off the pills! Remember that it takes about 5-6 weeks to resume the regular function of your reproductive organs, for reasons explained earlier. Take each day as a challenge and deviate yourself to fun filled activities so that you will not get depressed. Remember that you are going to expect some mood changes now because you are weaning yourself from oral contraceptive pills, which contain synthetic hormones that affect your energy and mood. Adapt to these changes and accept them as part of a new phase in your life--- becoming a parent!