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How To Get Pregnant After D&C;

How to Get Pregnant

A D&C; is a quick procedure which is done in cases of abortions, tumors and any other problems in the female genital tract. A D&C; procedure treats the problems, but it not only leaves scars physically but emotionally. A woman who has had D&C; may worry whether she may get pregnant again.

The worry probably stems from the fact that D&C; is an invasive procedure. In this procedure, the doctor first dilates the cervix and uses either a sharp instrument to scrape or a suction device to remove the lining of the uterus and take samples. This leaves the uterus very thin and may cause potential problems in terms of pregnancy later on.

One of the most important questions many women have after undergoing a D&C; procedure is - How to get pregnant?

If you would like to know the answer read on...

Visit your doctor

You should first visit your doctor for any advice which he could offer. Ask him or her whether it is okay for you to get pregnant again. Usually, these doctors will tell you to wait for 3-4 menstrual cycles before you can try to get pregnant again. This is important for your uterus to repair and heal itself. This will also give ample time for you to recover from the loss.

Listen to your body

Yes, take control of your body. You should pay attention to it, especially with regards to your menstrual cycles. You should chart your period and note when it starts and when it ends. In this way, you would be able to determine how long your cycle will be and the time you are expected to ovulate. This will be beneficial to you and your partner because it will guide as to when you can try to have a baby. You should start trying on the eighth day from the first day of your menstrual period up to the 15th day.

You should also pay attention to other signs of ovulation such as cervical mucus thinning and basal body temperature monitoring. You should take your body temperature every morning starting from the day you start your period. It is said that when you start ovulating, your body temperature drops for a few days before and then suddenly spikes up. The day that your temperature spikes upward is the day that you are typically ovulating. This can be a great indicator of when to try. This is important after a D&C; because by then your periods and ovulation times will have changed and you may have difficulty in getting pregnant again.

Another option is through the use of an ovulation test. Try to purchase 10 ovulation predictor kits for a month, start testing on the 10th day of your cycle, counting from the day you start your period.

Avoid testing in the morning, because your h level (what the tests reads) tends to surge in the morning. The best time to take this test is during the afternoon or after work

Do not drink any liquids or go to the bathroom for four hours before you take the test. Once you ovulate you should have intercourse within 12 to 24 hours.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Do not forget to eat a balanced diet, keep your ideal weight, avoid coffee, smoking and drinking alcohol and take your vitamin supplements, especially folic acid. In this way, you will be able to ovulate and conceive successfully even after a D&C;!