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How to get Pregnant after giving birth

How to Get Pregnant

There are many contrasting opinions about getting pregnant right after a successful child birth. Some say that it will be quite stressful for a woman to become pregnant just after giving birth. Some say it is exciting. Some want their children to be just months older from each other. But whatever the opinion is, wanting to get yourself pregnant right after giving birth is an experience that requires careful planning and preparation, because it signifies another major event for your body.

Because it is a major event in your body, you need careful preparation for it. So how can you prepare for this major change? The following are some tips for you.
Make sure that you are fertile

How do you know that you are fertile? There are many ways and many circumstances surrounding this. It is greatly possible to become fertile just a several months after giving birth. The timing of fertility even when you are breastfeeding varies from woman to woman. The prior myth was that when you are breastfeeding, you are reducing fertility. Actually, its not. It may even depend on the nursing pattern of your infant. The whole thing depends on your genetic makeup and your hormones; that is why some women conceive easily right after giving birth and some do not.

But nevertheless, make sure that you are not breastfeeding now. Your chances of breastfeeding may be reduced. You can be sure about this if you are breastfeeding and your menstrual periods are absent and your baby is predominantly using your breast milk as a form of nutrition. If you are feeding your baby round the clock then your chances of fertility are reduced.

If you are breastfeeding, it would take around 14 months to return to normal. When a woman's cycle returns before this, she will often still not be ovulating yet.

If you are not breastfeeding, then yes you can become fertile. One way of knowing this is through the use of basal body temperature monitoring. Specialized basal body thermometers are available to detect a rise in your basal temperature, which signifies ovulation. Another method is through monitoring cervical mucus thinning. The other method which is more popular is the use of ovulation kits, which can be bought at local drugstores or health stores.

Then, now that you know your time of ovulation, you have to engage in sexual activity from the 8th day of your menstrual cycle up to the 15th day. These are the days in which you are likely to get pregnant.

You also have to strengthen intimacy with your partner. This is time when you will schedule romantic getaways together. Have sex on the aforementioned days frequently and you will not go wrong with conceiving.