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How to get Pregnant after Menopause

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Many women who are in their menopausal age worry if they can still get pregnant. Although as age progresses your childbearing capacity decreases, still there are some women who manage to get pregnant even in their menopausal years.

Getting pregnant while at your menopausal age is possible if you are still menstruating. Menstruation is a sign that you are still ovulating. However, if you are not menstruating anymore, you may not get pregnant. The reason for this is that there are not any eggs left for your ovaries to release. If there are no eggs left in your body there is nothing left to become fertilized and grow into a baby.

Menopause is a term which means that you do not have your menstruation anymore, so do not expect to get pregnant during this phase. But if you still have your menstruation at age 45 and above, the term is peri-menopause. This is the stage wherein you are still ovulating on and off and you are still menstruation. If there is sperm present when you happen to ovulate you could get pregnant. However chances of you conceiving are slimmer than when you were younger.

If you want to get pregnant naturally after menopause, stop these thoughts. You cannot get pregnant when you have ceased menstruating. However if you still have on and off menstruation and you want to get pregnant, here is some advice for you.

Get medical advice

Older age of a woman can pose risks to pregnancies. At this age, you are prone to more illnesses and complications, and so is your baby. Your baby can suffer from congenital anomalies. If you are trying to become pregnant during this time it will be harder, because your eggs are old. You also cannot predict your ovulation because your menstrual cycles will be irregular.

Let your doctor confirm first that you cannot ovulate again before jumping into conclusions. Your doctor will offer you options instead.

Do not get fooled

There are many old wives tales about women who got pregnant at 90 years old. This cannot be true, because where can a 90 year old get eggs for her ovaries? The market nowadays is saturated with products and herbal supplements that tend to fool the public that women can get pregnant even at menopause if they use these drugs. Do not get fooled by these scams because you are not menstruating anymore there is no way that you can get pregnant.

There is still a solution

If you really want to have a child, there are other options. One is adoption. There are many couples who have adopted children and they are happy. You can go to various agencies and social welfare groups for advice. Just make sure that they are licensed and registered with the government before you transact with them.