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How to Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

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A miscarriage can be a traumatic experience for most couples. This can have a great emotional impact on you. Having a child immediately after a miscarriage can be a very difficult decision for most couples, because somehow the chances of fertility and pregnancy will be somewhat reduced and there is a further risk of miscarriage.

However if you have already decided about getting pregnant again after a miscarriage, here are some steps that you should take.

Assess yourself

You should ask yourself if you are both ready to have a baby immediately after a miscarriage. You alone can judge your readiness to become a parent physically, emotionally and financially.

A miscarriage can be very disheartening however, you should also instill hope in yourself that you can get pregnant again. You should think that not all pregnancies are the same and that sometimes you may win and sometimes you may lose. In this process, you should also talk to your doctor if you are physically ready for the pregnancy. If you have genetic abnormalities in your previous children or have some fertility problems, you need to discuss with your doctor about your options.

You also have to determine whether it is the right time for you to try conceiving again. Make sure that both of you have fully healed physically and emotionally, so negative things will not be turned over into your succeeding pregnancy. You also have to consider several factors in your life such as your intimacy and relationship with each other, your age, your health and your problems.

Physically, you must also assess yourself. The type of miscarriage you experienced will likely affect your chances of conceiving: for example, whether the pregnancy expelled on its own or whether it occurred during labor and delivery or whether emergency surgery was necessary. In addition, whether you have begun to produce milk and whether you are experiencing bleeding can also affect your chances of getting pregnant after a miscarriage. You should check with your doctor about this. You should also maintain your health by a balanced diet and exercise. You should avoid stress as much as possible and you should avoid smoking, drinking and coffee.

Trying and waiting

After you have assessed your readiness in conceiving again after a miscarriage, be patient in trying again and again. This is the time when you and your partner will offer emotional support for each other to make each other stronger in this challenge.

You will soon find out that most women who try will get pregnant after one year. And once you get pregnant, you should take care of your body. You should reduce stress and avoid smoking and alcohol. You should have frequent follow-up check-ups with your doctor.