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How to get Pregnant at 34

How to Get Pregnant

At age 34, a lot has probably happened in your life. You probably have gotten a promotion at work, or have savings of your own. You are probably wiser with experience in life and in relationships. You think you have what it takes to be a mother already. But is your body ready to get pregnant?

A lot of studies have shown that increasing age is a risk factor for infertility. You become more susceptible to miscarriages, stillbirths, and your baby having Down syndrome and congenital defects. You do not want that to happen, do you?

By now, you are probably wondering what it takes to achieve success in getting pregnant at 34. Here are some tips to get you started.

Watch Yourself

Pay attention to your menstrual cycle. For you to get pregnant you should have a regular menstrual cycle. This means that you ovulate every 28 days. If you have irregularities in your menstruation, pain or cramping during menstruation and vaginal discharges aside from menstrual flow, you should seek the help of your doctor. In this way, if there are any problems with regards to your reproductive health, they can be addressed as soon as possible so that you can conceive fast.

Watch your weight

You have to maintain a healthy weight, especially if you have a family history of hypertension or diabetes. The risk of you developing complications during pregnancy such as preeclampsia increases as your age also increases. You have to keep your BMI at a normal range. Eat a balanced diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and skip fatty, salty foods. You should also get adequate hydration everyday to avoid electrolyte imbalances.

Watch your workload

The modern woman who marries in her 30s is often a career woman who has excessive energy and passion for her work that she sometimes misses her meals, sometimes works late at night, and ends up feeling tired at the end of the day. If you are going to be like this, you will not have energy left to share intimate moments with your partner at home. Remember that intimacy is a very important thing in a couple's relationship. You should learn to compromise, now that you are at a stage when you need to slow down because you want to have a baby. Also bear in mind that stress reduces fertility, and this fact is enough to make you avoid stress in order to conceive.

Spice up your intimate life

If you are newly weds, this is no problem, except of course if either of you is working hard everyday or have no time for each other. If you have been with each other for a long time already, then you need to rekindle the romance. Go on a second honeymoon and spice up your sex life with sexual fantasies, sexual toys and sexy underwear. Remember that this is an important phase in your couple life because you are waiting for your baby to be born. Do not rush things, be patient, relax and be comfortable with each other. Hopefully, you baby will come soon.