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How to get Pregnant at 35

How to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant at age 35 is a challenge but a very rewarding process. It is rewarding because at this point in time, you seem to almost have everything within your reach-financial success, career promotion, job satisfaction, and a man to spend your life with. But wait-something is lacking--- your little bundle of joy!

Having a baby is one challenging task for 35 year-olds. Though this process may seem complex at first glance, getting to know your priorities and setting aside some responsibilities for some important tasks is actually the key towards successful parenting.

If you are a 35-year old woman who wants to have a baby right now, read! Maybe this simple advice can help you.

Learn to prioritize

Before embarking on your journey, you first have to ask yourself some questions. What do you really want? Are you ready for motherhood? Are you willing to give up some time off your work to take care of your baby? Are you willing to take care of your baby in your womb for 9 months and give up certain responsibilities and workload because of it? If you are willing to do so, then you are ready to get pregnant.

Stay healthy

You certainly do not want to be sick for your baby would you? So, you have to eat a balanced diet. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cut back on coffee. Lessen alcohol intake. Take daily vitamin and mineral supplements. This helps not only yourself but also your future baby, who will get the nutrition it needs from you.

Relax and relax

Now is the time to be stress free. Lessen your workload. You have to rest adequately for your body to have a positive energy balance. You will need the strength, energy and nutrition gained from your diet and rest during your pregnancy. Get adequate sleep every night.

Get sexy with him

Now is the time for real bonding with your husband. If you are newly married, take some time off from work for your honeymoon. Rekindle that romance. Learn how to pamper him by learning a new massage technique. In the same way, he must also pamper you. Get romantic with him. Intimacy is important in a relationship. You can also get naughty with him but trying different sexual positions to suit your fantasies.

Mind yourself

You should pay attention to yourself and your reproductive health. If you experience any irregularity of menstruation or pain and moderate to profuse bleeding during intercourse or discharge other than menstrual flow, you should visit your doctor. You should visit your doctor for any problems which involve your reproductive health or you cannot get pregnant successfully.