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How to get Pregnant at 37

How to Get Pregnant

The age of 37 is two years older than 35. And it is said that your risk of being infertile increases as you age over 35. Your risk of having miscarriages and stillborns, and a baby with Down syndrome and congenital anomalies also increases. If you are a woman at the prime of your life who still wants to bear children maybe these tips can help you out:

Eat healthily

What you eat and how much you eat matters in fertitility. If you are overweight, you will have trouble in getting pregnant. If you are underweight, you will have difficulty, also. If you are underweight strive to gain a few pounds. If you are overweight lose those unwanted weight and fat deposited around your abdomen. Weight really matters in fertility, so that if you want to get pregnant fast, you should make some lifestyle modifications

Buy him boxers

Do you know that tight-fitting underwear can actually kill your partner's sperms? Tight fitting underwear does this by making the area around the scrotum hot, which is not conducive for sperm survival. So if you want to get pregnant at age 37, get him off those tight fitting briefs!

Position matters

It is recommended that after intercourse, you should lie down for about 30-45 minutes to allow the sperms to travel up the uterus so that fertilization can occur. Your husband should have deep penetration to deposit sperms at the entrance of your cervix. The missionary position is a good position to get pregnant fast.

During and after intercourse, you should place a pillow under your bottom to ensure that there will be no leakage of sperm. In this position, the pelvis is tilted back and prevents reflux of sperm in the vaginal canal.

Get him out of heat

If your partner is working near some machines or near anything that dissipates heat to the groin or lower abdomen, advise him to get out of there temporarily. Also, advise him not to immerse himself in hot tubs frequently. He needs to cool the area around the scrotum to ensure that sperms will not die and that you can have a baby soon.

Timing is important

Make sure that you have sex around your ovulation day. You will know how to predict your ovulation based on some methods. One is by examining your cervical mucus. If your cervical mucus appears thin and stringy, then you are in ovulation. Another method is through basal body temperature monitoring. It is said that your body temperature increases when you ovulate. Take your temperature in the early morning and record it every day.

The other method is through the use of ovulation kits available in the market nowadays. These kits measure luteinizing hormone in the urine. The presence of luteinizing hormone in the urine signifies that ovulation is occurring.