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How to get Pregnant at 46

How to Get Pregnant

Congratulations for being 46! You are probably one of the luckiest women in the world-you are financially independent. You can make decisions in your own right. You have success in your hands. You seem to have everything. Now, all you need is to get pregnant.

It is indeed challenging to have a baby in your 40s. Even though this process seems complex, yet you have to consider your priorities so that you can plan your life and responsibilities well. This is actually the secret towards successful parenting.

If you are one of those women who are dying to have a baby at age 46, you have to ask yourself if you have the willingness to spend a little time off your work to take care of your baby. You have to sacrifice a little money and a little shift in your career. Being a mother is a full time job - yet this work is so fulfilling for a woman like you!

Are you ready to know the secrets towards successful conception?

Healthy Lifestyle

You have to eat a healthy, balanced diet, which can include fruits and vegetables. You should be able to maintain your ideal weight based on your body mass index. Stop drinking coffee. You should lessen your alcohol intake. You should take daily vitamin and mineral supplements. Remember that you are not only doing this for yourself but for your baby.

Now is the time to be stress free. Why don't you lessen your workload? Adequate rest is needed to have a positive energy balance. You need more energy when you will get pregnant. You will need the strength, the energy and good nutrition that you have taken in from a healthy diet. Allow yourself to relax. Get adequate sleep every night.

You should listen to yourself as to what your body needs. You should look out for problems in your reproductive health, such as irregular menstruation, vaginal bleeding not related to menstruation, prolonged menses and other concerns. You should visit your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. You should resolve this so that you can assure yourself that you can conceive in a healthy way.

Strive for Intimacy

When was the last time that you got intimate with your partner? You should set aside some quality time to bond with your man. Go on a date together. Hold hands while walking. Take a vacation together. Cook romantic dinners and engage in your favorite hobby or sports together.

Visit the Doctor

If, after these suggestions, you still cannot conceive, then you have to visit a medical doctor for some advice. The doctor may need to run a few tests on both of you. Take along your partner for further work-up. The doctor may initially give you fertility medications to his or her own discretion. If everything else fails, there is in-vitro fertilization, which can be an expensive affair.