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How to get Pregnant at 47

How to Get Pregnant

Let's face it: you are 47 years old. Usually at this stage, women are more experienced in life matters are full of wisdom, are mature, are stable in terms of career, and are ready to be mothers. However the big issue for women at 47 is fertility. It is a known fact that as women age, there is an increasing risk to infertility.

If you are 47 years old and you want to get pregnant, you should be able to know the risks and accept it. You have to be aware that it will be harder for you to bear a child than a younger woman. Your body is different from the body of a 21-year old. Your risk of having a baby with Down's syndrome and congenital defects is increased. You have a higher risk for miscarriages, stillbirths and ovulation problems.

Despite all these things, you still have hope. You can lessen these risks if you follow these natural tips.

Get Healthy

You can do this by maintaining a healthy weight. You must eat a balanced diet and also exercise regularly. Do not let stress control your life. You can keep your mind relaxed through methods like yoga or meditation.

Throw the lubricants away

Throw away those vaginal lubricants, because they may change the environment of the vagina. These lubricants alter the normal flora and the pH of the vagina and the cervix. They can also make you predisposed to infection. And infection, such as pelvic inflammatory disease is actually the cause of infertility.

Loosen him up!

Do not let your partner wear tight underwear; instead make him wear boxer shorts. The scrotal area should be kept cool because it contains heat-sensitive sperms. If the scrotum is subjected to heat, sperms may not survive. This leads to a low sperm count, thus you cannot conceive fast.

Timing is essential

If you want to get pregnant quick, you should have intercourse during your ovulation. There are many ways now on how to determine whether or not you are ovulating. These include basal body temperature monitoring, cervical mucus charting and ovulation kits.

Medical treatments

If you still cannot conceive despite these natural ways, then it's high time that you visit your doctor. Your doctor will run some tests on you and your partner to diagnose the problem. You may be prescribed with drugs that enhance fertility to speed up your conception. The last resort is in-vitro fertilization, which may be costly. You should talk to your doctor about your options.