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How to get Pregnant at 48

How to Get Pregnant

You are now 48 years old. You are not getting younger and you know that. Do you know that because you at an increasing age, you have an increasing risk to infertility? This is because as a woman ages, her eggs also become fewer and fewer until she reaches menopausal age. Hormonal imbalances may also result due to this fact.

Yet, even though a lot of evidence is available regarding decline of a woman's reproductive function as she grows older, there are still successful cases. The following are some tips which may help you conceive, even if you are 48. As long as you are regularly menstruating there should never be a problem.

Get Medical Evaluation

You are now at a high-risk age, so you should have your self evaluated by a doctor. Bring along your partner to a doctor for fertility assessment. This is done to prevent problems with your reproductive function. The two of you may be subjected to a physical exam. You may also undergo hormonal tests as well as ultrasound and sperm counts, especially if your partner is older or at the same age as you are.

If you want to undergo a thorough assessment, you can go to a fertility specialist. This doctor is specially trained with fertility techniques to give you sound advice and to help you develop a step by step approach on how to conceive successfully. You and your partner will then be subjected to fertility treatment.

If all these methods fail, artificial insemination is the other option. In artificial insemination, sperm is usually placed near the cervix at the time of ovulation.

The last option is in-vitro fertilization. In this method, the egg and the sperm are combined in a test tube, after which, the fertilized eggs will be placed inside the mother or a surrogate mother. Oftentimes, many fertilized eggs are placed inside the womb to ensure that the woman will get pregnant. Of course, this also increases the chance of a multiple pregnancy.

Do not lose hope

As what has been said previously, a menstruating woman has the ability to conceive. Even though there are risks involved with an older pregnant woman, such as multiple births, miscarriages or congenital defects, there are still some successful cases. These women have borne healthy children without any defects.

If you had several attempts of in-vitro fertilization and still failed to conceive, there is still the option of adoption. There are many organizations which can help you with. Just make sure that the organization is registered and has the permit from the government to operate as a valid adoption center.