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How to get Pregnant during Period

How to Get Pregnant

Can you get pregnant while having your period? Yes you can. There are some cases, especially when women are already on their 4-5th day of their period.

Why does this happen? This is because sperms can stay in the reproductive tract of the woman as long as 7 days. When you are having your period, there is a change in the pH and your vaginal environment. The ph becomes less acidic, making it favorable for sperms to survive. So the sperms stay in the cervix and the uterus and have the opportunity to meet the egg later on during ovulation, and this leads to fertilization then pregnancy.

How can you get pregnant during your period easily? Read on.

Is it menstruation or breakthrough bleeding?

One thing that you have to ask yourself is this: is it natural menstruation? Or is it bleeding which occurs when you end your set of oral contraceptive pills--- the one we term as breakthrough bleeding.

If you are taking pills, then do not expect yourself to get pregnant easily. It will take about 2-3 months to resume your reproductive activity after you have stopped your pills.

Of course if you want to get pregnant, stop taking the pills now. It would take a long time for your body to reestablish its hormonal balance, so do not waste any more time. If you want to get pregnant, stop now.

Follow-up with your doctor regularly

You should visit your doctor for proper advice regarding your discontinuation of ills and other contraceptive methods. They will offer you advice in the best timing for you to conceive and can give you tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Do not forget to eat a balanced diet and healthy meals so that your hormones will be functioning in check again. Get plenty of exercise and keep yourself fit so as to increase your chances of getting pregnant, being overweight or obese will lessen your chances of becoming pregnant.

Be patient

It takes approximately 3 menstrual cycles after stopping birth control before it can be regular again. During this time, exercise utmost patience. In due time, if you live a healthy lifestyle, have sex during your ovulation, get intimate with your partner always and stop all means of contraception, in no time, you will be on the road towards successful pregnancy. Patience is a virtue which you have to learn in your goal towards pregnancy. Be determined, be patient, do not be afraid to try and try again and be confident in yourself that you can do these things and you will conceive in no time.