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How to get Pregnant Easy

How to Get Pregnant

Every woman feels that certain happiness when she is pregnant and it often shows as a proud glow on her face. Are you one of those women who wants' to get pregnant easily and naturally.

There is really no fast rule on how to get pregnant as easy as possible, but there are natural ways to help do so.

What you should do is basically recognize things to avoid for you to effectively conceive. The following are some of the factors you should avoid in order to get pregnant easily.


Stress can cause infertility. It can actually cause an imbalance of your hormones which act on your ovaries to release the egg or ovum during the menstrual cycle. Stress triggers some changes in your overall outlook in life which affects your reproductive hormone functioning. If a woman is under a huge amount of stress, there will be a delay in the maturation and release of the egg and this leads to a delay in ovulation.


If you are really serious about getting pregnant, stop all forms of contraception. If you have been on oral contraceptive pills, it will take a few months for your menstrual cycle to be regular again to achieve ovulation.

Wrong Timing

Not having sex on your ovulation period lessens your chances of becoming pregnant. There are many ways to determine your ovulation period, such as basal body temperature and ovulation predictor kits.

Poor Diet

A diet lacking in folic acid can give rise to neural tube effects and other congenital effects on the baby. Taking lots of folic acid helps you decrease your chances of an abnormal pregnancy. Folic acid is needed to form the brain and spinal cord of the baby, so a lack of this vitamin will not allow the baby to thrive properly and increases the incidence of birth defects. Maintain your ideal weight. It has been proven that overweight women, especially those with a BMI of greater than 30, have lesser chances of becoming pregnant.

Not seeking Medical Help

If you have been trying too hard, you may want to seek the advice of a medical doctor. You have to seek advice if you have been married for more than two years and have been trying but still have not gotten pregnant. You should also seek advice if you are above 35 years old.