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How to Get Pregnant Fast and Naturally

How to Get Pregnant

While there are numerous ways to conceive a child, most couples looking to start a family would prefer to go the natural route. Not only does getting pregnant naturally protect against the possibility of unexpected results, some people have religious and moral convictions which prevent them from medical and surgical means of conception. By following a few common sense tips and words of encouragement, it is possible to learn how to get pregnant fast and naturally.

Step 1: Learn to Relax - Let Nature Take Its Course

Stress interferes with hormones that control the biological processes of the ovulation cycle in women and with the sperm count in males. It is important to be aware of things such as when ovulation occurs and what you should do and/or avoid in order to increase your chances of conception, but don't get stressed out over it! Take it easy and enjoy each other's company while waiting for the good news.

Step 2: Determine the Woman's Ovulation Cycle

There are ovulation predictor kits that are designed to detect the presence of a hormone that usually indicates ovulation. The hormone in question is referred to as a luteinizing hormone, or LH, and is thought to be at its highest level right before, during, and just after time of ovulation. However, this isn't foolproof in that this hormone is also high during premenopause, in the presence of certain ovarian cysts and during premature ovarian failure. For better accuracy, also use basal temperature readings and observe monthly changes in cervical mucous.

Step 3: Maintain a Healthy Diet

One of the key factors that will contribute to a couple's ability to get pregnant is the state of health in both the man as well as the woman. Diets rich in protein, high in fiber and low in refined sugar have proven to increase fertility. For the woman, maintaining a healthy body weight without constant fluctuations in weight is highly beneficial because these fluctuations dramatically interfere with the hormones that are vital to fertility. Men who eat copious amounts of protein actually increase levels of testosterone that is integral in carrying sperm during ejaculation.

Step 4: Dietary Supplements Can Increase Fertility

Many researchers believe that men supplementing with amino acid complexes can build both sperm counts and levels of testosterone. Good health is not only important in the woman, but is equally important in the male. Both the male and female have their part to play and as such, both need to be mindful of their health. Women should supplement with herbal ingredients such as soy isoflavones can significantly increase estrogen levels which are integral to fertility.

Step 5: Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

According to the American Pregnancy Association, it is equally important for both men and women to avoid using alcohol or drugs when trying to conceive. In a male, drinking leads to a zinc deficiency while many drugs, prescription and street substances, cause a reduction in both viable sperm as well as in the sperm count itself. In women, alcohol and drugs lead to abnormal hormone levels which has been known to interfere with the ovulation cycle. Many couples are not aware of the fact that alcohol and drugs can actually interfere with conception.

Step 6: Things to Avoid Following Intercourse

There are two things a women should avoid after intercourse when trying to get pregnant. First, it is extremely important to remain lying down for as long as possible. This gives the sperm ample time to travel as far up the cervical mucous as possible. On the same note, never douche after intercourse for at least 48 to 72 hours when trying to conceive. Standing too quickly and/or douching can cause a loss of semen before sperm have traveled far enough toward their goal.

Too many women place the burden on themselves when trying to conceive. While following the ovulation cycle and staying in good health are important for the lady, men have their part to play as well. Both partners need to do what they can to improve the odds of getting pregnant. In trying to find the best methods in how to get pregnant fast and naturally, the best advice is to just relax. Getting over anxious is the worst thing you can do in terms of conception as well as in the life of your relationship. Stay healthy, relax and enjoy each other's company. There's time enough for stress later on when 'negotiating' whose turn it is to take those 2 AM feedings.