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How to get Pregnant Fast with a Girl

How to Get Pregnant

Are you one of those women who are struggling to get pregnant with a girl? Getting pregnant with a girl is hard, if you do not know the right methods.

Do you know that the way you live and the way you make your baby have a large impact on deciding its gender? Modern science has elaborated several ways on how this happens. In relation to this, here are some things you can apply to your own lives for you to have a healthy, growing baby girl later on!

Eat the right kind of food

If you want to have a baby girl, you should keep your weight within the acceptable range. An increased caloric intake for the woman favors the conception of a baby boy than a baby girl. This is because food also affects the environment in the vagina and cervix, making it more alkaline. Food also affects regularity of ovulation, so that if you want to conceive you must eat a balanced diet with proper vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Find the Perfect Timing

You have to know first your ovulation day. If you have sex 2 ½ to 3 days before your ovulation day, you have an increased chance of getting pregnant with a baby girl. There are many ways on how to know when you will ovulate. First is through cervical mucus examination. It is said that your mucus becomes watery and elastic just before your ovulation day. Another is through the use of basal body temperature monitoring. It is said that your basal body temperature increases when you are nearing your ovulation.

Next is through the use of ovulation predictor kits, which you can purchase at your local drugstore. These ovulation kits measure the luteinizing hormone in your urine, which becomes elevated when you are in your ovulation day.

The Sexual Position

The sexual position matters if you want to get pregnant with a baby girl. It is said that if you want to get pregnant with a baby girl, you should have shallow penetration from your partner. This can be done with the missionary position, wherein in this position, the sperm with be deposited close to the entrance of the vagina. It is said that female sperms favor an acidic pH, which is found in the vagina, while the male sperm s favor a slightly alkaline pH, which may be found in the cervix.

The Importance of Orgasms

It is said that if you want to get pregnant with a baby girl, you should not have orgasm during sex. This is because orgasms create an alkaline pH in the vagina, thus favoring the survival of the male sperm. Another thing is that orgasms are associated with contractions or movements in the uterus which help move the sperm up, and this creates a chance for the male sperm to catch the egg more than the female sperms.