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How to get Pregnant Fast with Twins

How to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant with not just one but two babies is an exciting experience for most couples. There are many advantages of having twins-one is that you can have two cute babies at the same time. The other is that it will be less costly if you want to have to have children instantly. But how can you increase your chances of having a twin pregnancy?

There are two ways on how to get pregnant with twins fast. The first is composed of factors which you have no control of. The second consists of factors which you can have control of. Let us discuss these two main points.

Things you don't have control of

In order for you to have twins, you should be able to come from a family of twins. It has been studied that women who come from a family with twins have an increased chance of getting pregnant with twins.

If you do not have family of twins, then you can look for a partner who comes from a family of twins to increase your risk.

Another factor is the age factor. It was also studied that women who are older when they go pregnant have an increased chance of getting twins. So, if you want to have twins, you may postpone your childbearing years until you are 35 or older.

The next factor is height. It has been said that twins are more likely to occur in tall women than in short women. The cause of this is unknown.

Things you can do

Despite the fact that there are some things you have no control of to have twins, still there are some ways on how to increase your chances.

First, you have to gain weight. Women who eat more and have a slightly larger frame have an increased chance of having twin pregnancies. If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins easily, you should gain weight. But do not eat fatty foods, as this will create risks for you.

Next is to eat certain types of foods to increase your chances on becoming pregnant with twins. You must eat lots of beans, legumes, beets, and other protein rich foods, as they, according to some people, increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Another way to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins is to be on fertility drugs. Your doctor should be the one to prescribe to you these things. Fertility drugs work to making you pregnant with twins by making you ovulate with several eggs at the same time. If you ovulate with more than one egg and they all get fertilized, then you have twins.

You should, in any way, get pregnant successfully with twins if you take care of your body well. Remember that to conceive twins, you should be healthy enough to bear them. Eating a healthy diet is one way. You should also develop strength and endurance by exercising regularly. You should also avoid stress as much as possible to make yourself healthy so that you will be able to achieve a successful twin pregnancy!