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How to get Pregnant for the First Time

How to Get Pregnant

What are the secrets to get pregnant? You are probably one of those women asking this question. You want to get pregnant fast-but this is your first time. How can you achieve success, you wonder?

In any endeavor that you try, there is always the first time. Hopefully, if you read on, you can get inkling on how to get pregnant fast for the first time.

Before you embark on this journey, let us first consider first some factors which can contribute to your chances.

The basics of intimacy

Intercourse is one way to get intimate with your partner. If you want to get pregnant fast, you have to bear in mind the following tips.

Always bear in mind that if your partner frequently ejaculates, this can help improve the motility of sperms, so he should ejaculate at least once a week.

However, your partner should also not ejaculate too frequently. He should have a three=day abstinence before having intercourse. He should abstain from not only intercourse but also other forms of ejaculation.

When you are in your intimate moments, do not stress yourself or try hard too much to get pregnant. Do not put too much pressure during intercourse. But you should have intercourse all throughout your cycle to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Check the counts

Always consider that for you to get pregnant easily, your partner should have a healthy sperm count. Sperm count is not the only crucial factor. Other factors should also be examined such as sperm motility, sperm morphology and all other components of seminal fluid analysis. The counts and other tests should be normal for you to get pregnant easily.

If your partner has a low sperm count, do not despair. There is still a remedy. Males with low sperm counts should have intercourse every other day or 48 hours apart. This is to ensure that he delivers a sufficient amount of sperm to make you pregnant easily.

The pattern of intercourse

In order for intercourse to be effective you would take note of your ovulation and have intercourse on that day. There are many ways on how to determine your ovulation, such as the basal body temperature method, the cervical mucus method or through the use of ovulation kits.

You and your partner should have intercourse within two days before and around your ovulation period to maximize all chances of you getting pregnant fast.

The position

Position in intercourse also matters. You should try the two most common positions in baby making--- missionary position and rear entry. The problem that you have to overcome with these positions is gravity. Make sure that there is no leakage of sperm to ensure that you and your partner will be successful in baby making. After intercourse, you should lie down on your back for at least 30 minutes to prevent any further leakage of sperm.