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How to get Pregnant for the Second Time

How to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is always a challenge, no matter how many times you have experience in it. The nine months spent on growing your baby in the womb is crucial yet rewarding because you will reap your happiness when your baby is born.

If you have had your first baby and are now planning for a second baby, remember that the tips you should know as you make your second baby are no different from the tips you have observed in making your first baby. If you are excited to know these tips, read on.

A vitamin a day keeps your baby okay

You already know that proper diet and adequate nutritional supplementation are essential in pregnancy because these are things that your baby will soon need. If you want to achieve a healthy pregnancy, you should start taking folic acid now. Taking folic acid reduces your baby's chances of acquiring neural tube defects which may lead to stillbirths and congenital malformations. The recommended dose you should take is 0.4 mg of folic acid each day for 2-3 months before you start to try to get pregnant.

Avoid coffee

Coffee is the enemy of a pregnant woman. Do you know that coffee restricts the growth of your baby by constricting the blood vessels and reducing blood flow to the uterus? Drinking more than three cups of coffee per day makes you infertile.

Frequent intercourse

Make intercourse a fun and intimate activity as much as possible. You can go on a romantic getaway together to new places or to places where you want to have adventure. Treat intercourse as an exciting event to look forward to. You should also try to have sex frequently around your ovulation period. You can predict your ovulation period through methods such as basal body temperature monitoring, cervical mucus monitoring and ovulation kits. Make love everyday on the five days before your ovulation.

After intercourse, do not stand up right away or run into the bathroom. Relax and just lie down for a minimum of 30 minutes to avoid any leakage of the sperm.

Sperm factors

Make sure that your partner has adequate sperm to make you pregnant for your second baby. It is not only the sperm counts which matter, also the morphology and the motility of the sperm. For your partner to make you pregnant easily the second time around, he must make sure that he has enough sperm to impregnate you, his sperm must not be odd looking and his sperm must be able to swim well and survive.

Make yourself sperm friendly

Your reproductive system has been designed by nature to be sperm friendly so do not alter it by using lubricants, oils, glycerin and spermicides. Also, avoid douching. These can alter the vaginal pH and may also lead to infection. It also washes out the cervical mucus which is essential in carrying sperms.