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How to get Pregnant Hollistically

How to Get Pregnant

In this modern world of technology and convenience, even getting pregnant is associated with artificial methods of achieving conception fast. You may ask yourself-are there still natural ways on how to get pregnant easily?

Yes, you can get pregnant easily through natural ways. You can get pregnant if you view your body in a holistic way, that is, in a way that it needs not only physical healing but also psychological, mental and emotional healing. Health is a holistic thing and this is a known fact.

So what are the holistic ways to get pregnant? Here are some of them.

Know when you will ovulate

If you want to enhance fertility, you should be aware on how to predict your ovulation. You should have intercourse around your ovulation period because this will increase you chances of getting pregnant. There are several ways on how to predict it. One is the use of basal body temperature monitoring. Another is through cervical mucus monitoring. The third is through the use of ovulation kits, which is becoming more popular nowadays.

Buy him boxers

Make your partner wear boxer shorts instead of tight fitting briefs. This prevents his testicles from heating up, which causes the sperms to get killed easily. To increase his sperm yield, buy him boxer shorts.


There are a lot of informational materials nowadays which can tell you about the different sexual positions that you can try to increase your chances of conceiving. These sexual positions are effective in such a way that they can help bring the sperm closer to the cervix and this increases your chance of becoming pregnant.


The female orgasm is essential in making you conceive fast. It is said that when a woman orgasms, her vagina and cervix undergo a series of hormonal changes that makes it sperm friendly as much as possible and increases the chances of conception. Orgasms help draw sperms into the cervix which also increases your chance of getting pregnant.

Lie down after intercourse

After intercourse, do not hurry towards the bathroom or run. Instead elevate your hips and buttocks to minimize chances of sperms leaking from your cervix and vagina. You should lie in bed for a minimum of 30 minutes with a pillow under your hips to increase your chances of getting pregnant easily.

Live healthily

Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. You also have to take vitamins such as folic acid 2-3 months before your plan to get pregnant. This decreases the chances of your baby getting neural tube defects and other congenital abnormalities.

As for your sexual health, refrain from using vaginal lubricants and douches because they can harm your vaginal environment and can make you predisposed to infections which can make you infertile later on.

If you have any doubts concerning your health, you should check with your doctor so that any problems concerning your conception can be addressed and you will be successful in baby making.