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How to get Pregnant if you are Overweight

How to Get Pregnant

It has been said and studied that being overweight reduces your chances of becoming fertile and being able to conceive successfully. If you are able to get pregnant, you are still not spared from pregnancy related complications which may ensue because of your unhealthy lifestyle. If you are overweight and want to get pregnant fast, here are some tips which you may try.

Have discipline to lose weight

Losing weight is not an easy process. It needs will power to succeed. If you want to get pregnant easily, you have to lose weight. By thinking about this goal, you will be able to discipline yourself and create a plan that you can follow to reach your goal.

Determine what you need to lose

The next step is to determine how much you really need to lose. One rule of thumb is that in order for you to lose one pound of fat, you must be able to burn about 3500 calories more day by day. Of course, you cannot easily do this in one huge step. You need to do this gradually. So how do you start? The first thing to do is to calculate your basal metabolic rate. This is the number which signifies how much calories you should eat each day. You can also compute your activity level and how many calories you burn each day based on your daily activities.

Take charge of your diet

You should have a list of the foods you eat everyday and their corresponding calories. Listing your food intake and the calories you spend each day makes you keep track of what you are eating and whether you are eating beyond your daily requirements or below your daily requirements.

With the help of this list, you can also see and replace the unhealthy ones with the healthy ones. For example, you can replace your daily soda with water. You can replace sweets with oatmeal cookies or a vegetable salad.

It is not only the foods that you eat everyday which your should list. You should also list your daily activities and screen it for some unhealthy activities. For example, you can reduce the time you spend in front of the TV with brisk walking. Or you can replace the time you spent eating with meditation or sports.

Formulate your exercise plan

Once you have determined all these, then you are ready to plan. You see, exercise is very essential in any weight loss plan, but it is varies from person to person. The recommended exercise plan should contain at least 250 minutes per week of exercise or 50 minutes for 5 days a week. You can start small if you are a beginner, for 3 days a week for 20 to 30 minutes. You can gradually increase this as time goes on. You can also consider small things like walking, taking the stairs and household chores as exercise.

Stick to your plan

Once you have formulated your exercise plan, you need to stick to it. Do not lose motivation and use the fact that you want to get pregnant as inspiration. You can get your partner to help you plan your diet and exercise regimen. You can also diet and exercise together. This process should be a fun-filled activity for you and your partner. You can even improve your intimacy level with this plan.

However before you start your diet and exercise regimen, you should talk to your doctor first if you have any illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and other diseases which can become complicated later on. Remember to get patient as weeks go by. In time you will see the results, and you will be assured that you can lose those extra pounds and get pregnant fast.