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How to get Pregnant if you have Fibroids

How to Get Pregnant

You are reading this because you may be one of those women who have uterine fibroids yet you want to get pregnant fast. A uterine fibroid is a non-cancerous uterine tumor that grows from the muscle walls of the uterus. This lesion may prevent pregnancy by interfering with egg implantation and conception. Uterine fibroids increase your chances of pregnancy related complications. However, there are still solutions to this problem.

Timing is important

You can use timed intercourse. This is a method of conception that focuses on your menstrual cycles. You should note down your temperature each month. This is termed as basal body temperature monitoring. In this method, a basal body thermometer is inserted into a woman's vagina each morning and the results are recorded. It is said that temperature increases during the time of ovulation. Another method is to examine your cervical mucus. If your cervical mucus is thin and stringy, then you are within your ovulation period. Or, you can use ovulation kits which are available in the market nowadays in drugstores. All you need is to determine your ovulation and have intercourse during this day.

Artificial means of conception

Artificial insemination is a method which bypasses the cervix. First, sperm is collected and washed to remove debris and select the best ones. Sperm is then inserted into a woman's uterus during her ovulation days. However this procedure may be costly and chances are not guaranteed.

Surgical treatment

You can undergo surgery in the form of myomectomy, which is the removal of fibroid tissue from the uterine cavity. A myectomy can help to increase your chances of conceiving by removing the fibroids which may interfere with egg implantation.

Or, you may undergo embolization, in which a small camera is inserted on the uterus while small particles are placed on the fibroids. These particles help block flow to the area and shrink the fibroids and decrease their growth.

In-Vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization may be your last option. In this process, a woman is given fertility drugs to induce ovulation, after which the eggs are collected and fertilized with sperm outside of the body. The embryo is then grown and then injected into the uterus after which the baby grows and grows more each day and a successful pregnancy ensues. However a successful in-vitro fertilization procedure is not a guarantee that you may also have success in pregnancy. The procedure is also expensive and will cost you a lot.